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Mrs. Angel Mendez wakes up on a bright morning. She looks over at her bedside clock and it reads fifteen minutes past 8 AM.

She yawns heavily and looks towards her right side, only to come face to face with her husband Mr. Frank Mendez, who was also in bed with her. Doing nothing but staring at her.

Angel, bitterly confused thought "Why am I in the same bed with him? I tried to avoid this."
They both stared at each other until Frank finally broke the silence.

Frank: (emotionless) What the hell are you doing in here?

Angel: What do you mean? Isn't this also my house?

Frank: (curtly) Don't act stupid. You know exactly what I'm asking you. Why did you sleep in this guest room last night?

Angel: (rolling her eyes) I felt like it, I'm very suprised that you even noticed. You always act like I'm invisible, so I decided that I would sleep in here alone....

Frank: (pleased) You're right, I do ignore you. Only because your a useless woman to call a wife!

Angel: (sitting on the bed angrily) Really?! Frank, you know that I've done nothing but been a good wife to you! Why don't you just see it? (tears welding in her eyes)

Frank: (sitting up irritated) Oh just stop it woman! Sorry to disappoint you but you are nothing close to a good wife! We've been married for 2 years now but you still haven't given me any children! Cut the shit out and wipe those stupid tears!

Angel: (covering her face in her hands, crying, whispers) Why do you always say hurtful things to me? You know that I've been trying to do everything I can. I try so hard to be good to you....but you never think its enough.

Frank: (rudely) Shut the fuck up! You know I always like to face reality. I'm gonna go take a shower and you're going to make my breakfast. I'm giving you 20 minutes, be late and I'll repeat what I did to you last time, remember.....

Angel remembered all too clearly what happened the last time she had not prepared her husband's breakfast on time. Frank had punched her and hit her aggresively, merciless.

She obviously did not want that to happen again, she jumped out of bed and run quickly to the kitchen. This only left Frank with a devilish grin on his face.


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