01 | In First Grade

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Chapter 1 - In First Grade.

(Edited: 7/22/17 watch the awesome trailer added in!!!)

Alana's POV-

"Cmon Alana, come down now so I can fix up your hair!" My mom chimed. I quickly slid on my sunflower dress and rolled up my ankle socks that had ruffles on them. Then, I strapped on my dress/play shoes. I skipped down the stairs and my mom greets me with a hug.

"Wow! You dressed up yourself and your dress looks beautiful," She smiles and I smile back, making my eyes squint.

"The waffles are almost done, so lemme do your pigtails," She says and I hop onto the counter chair. She braids one pigtail and ties it with a ribbon, and does the same with the other tail.

"Lemme get your food, why don't you go get your chocolate milk in the fridge?" I nod and open it to grab a carton.

"Hey mom," I ask.

"Yeah, sweetie?"

"Did daddy come home yet? Will he be here for my first day?" I ask while spreading syrup onto my waffle. Ever since I was little, I realized I never seen my dad. I asked my mom and she told me that he was a secret spy that does special missions, which explains why he isn't home. Isn't that cool! Imagine. I can tell all my new classmates about my dad and they would think I have the coolest daddy ever! Because I do!

"Oh umm, not today sweetheart. His mission today is to go to England and save the princess! Now, we don't want the princess captured by the evil scientist! So daddy is gonna save her," She winks and I gasp. My daddy knows a princess!

"Okay Alana, we got to go now. Grab your backpack." She says. I run over and throw it onto my back and run to my car.


School -

"Bye Lana! Have a nice day, love you, I'll pick you up later," My mom hugs me tight and gives me a sloppy kiss on my cheek. I giggle and push her off me. I run into my first grade teacher's class, Mrs. Trinity.

"Hi, are you Alana?" She bends down to reach my height. I nod quickly and she laughs.

"Come with me, let's get your nametag," She takes my hand and leads me to the class. It was much bigger than the kindergarten room. There was no more colored carpet, there were desks. Desks! Like in the big kid classrooms!

"Here you go," Mrs. Trinity puts the sticker on my chest. She leads me to my desk and I sit down. There were other kids already sitting down, coloring on a piece of paper.

"Why don't you go meet the other kids and color with them?" She smiles. I nod and walk over to a group of girls.

"Hi! I'm Alana Dayes, you are?" I leave my hand out for them to shake. They stare at it and turn around.

"That wasn't very nice..."I trail off.

"We don't talk to girls who wear sunflower dresses. You dress like a kindergartner," A brunette girl says. I frown and shrug and walk off to the other table which was filled with the guys.

"Hi! I'm Alana, you are?" I ask the brunette boy. He turns around and scrunches his eyebrows.

"I'm a boy...and you're a girl," He speaks up.

"Yes I'm a girl," I giggle and take a seat next to him.

"Why aren't you sitting wif them?" He asks pointing to the girls.

"They don't like me," I say and continue to draw flowers over my paper.

"Why?" He asks.

"Because I wear sunflower dresses," I say.

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