Chapter 31 | Show me the truth

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Hearing the doors open, Chaos turned to the doorway only to see a tired looking Beta Sector. He gestured to the five available seats next to Aether as Chaos sat down on the head. Percy and the others sat down as they took in the solemn atmosphere. They were quite surprised to see the Alpha Sector across from them, looking confused as well.

Lace Craig cleared his throat, "So, how did it go?"he asked Luke.

"Successful. Although, there were some hindrances in the start."Luke stated. Even though he didn't cast a look on Percy's direction, everyone in the room knew what he meant by that.

Percy scowled before leaning back to the chair. So, he was reckless. He still didn't get anyone hurt long the way. Okay, he could have but he didn't, does that doesn't count as anything?

Luke decided to move on. He was confused why the Alpha Sector was there. It was weird enough that Chaos called for them himself. Normally, Lace would be the one to tell them or someone else Lace passed it on to. But this was obviously a different situation because even Aether was here. Luke had to know why.

"Lord Chaos, why did you call us?"Luke asked.

Lace looked at Chaos, waiting for his answer as well. Percy kept his stoic expression just to hide his nervousness. All the others looked impatient for an answer.

Chaos sighed, he had been dreading this moment. He cleared his throat and leaned forward. "I have a mission for you but this mission requires two of my best sectors, so you will be working closely at hand with the Alpha Sector."

Zoë leaned forward as well and placed her hands on the table looking at the Alpha Sector before turning back to Chaos. "Why do you need both of us? Who's threatening that planet?"

Chaos looked serious at the moment that they all got worried. "My brother...and Tartarus."

Percy closed his eyes, instantly. He closed his fists and hid them under the table so Xiana, who was beside him, couldn't see the visible shaking. He kept still on his seat. Everyone was in an uproar, but he was having an internal battle to himself. Almost everyone stood up at the sound of Tartarus' name. They knew him and interacted with him. They never saw the one side that the ones who remained seated knew or saw.

They were ones who were more focused to the statement that Chaos had a brother. Apparantly all throughout the commotion, the only people who kept quiet was Lace, probably because he knew; Zoë, let's assume because she was mature enough and Percy, who was trying to get himself together.

"Tartarus?!"Azalea Raw exclaimed. "Isn't he on your council?! How can he betray you? And how can you expect us to defeat a Primordial?"

"You're worried about that, what about Chaos' brother?! We never knew you had a brother."Bianca retorted. "If he's anything near as how powerful as you are. Then, what can we do?"

Many complaints and questions were heard all throughout the room. Finally, after a good ten minutes of shouting, Chaos had enough.

"All of you, sit down now!"

Afraid of what Chaos would do, they all sat down immediately. They kept their heads low and waited for Chaos' explanation which is what they should have done from the start.

Chaos sighed, "Both of you will have to defend a planet against Tartarus and my brother, End."

Awkward silence filled the air. They were all waiting for something until a boy from the Alpha Sector asked, "Uhhh...and...?"

Aetther snorted but Chaos gave him a hard look, shutting him up. "No, my brother is End."

"Yeah, sensing the capital E."Xiana whispered.

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