Week 14 (11/12- 11/18)

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On Monday the farrier came back out. I always love having my farrier out because while he is doing all 3 of my horses hooves we have plenty of time to talk and I can ask lots of questions. I also was interested in seeing how Flicka would do because she still is young and it still is a little new to her and her brain is just not quite that patient yet. She did a lot of moving around and even tried to kick him once (darn horse). She also took great pleasure in knocking over the hoof stand... repeatedly.

I noted that we really need to work on preparing for the farrier a little bit better. Every owner should desire to set their horse up for success and part of that is preparing for the farrier. A horses hoof is one of the most important parts of a horse but also horses like to be ready to run at all times so they want all four feet on the ground. Picking them up is against a horses nature so it requires a lot of time and attention to do such.

To prepare Flicka I need to work on getting her to pick her feet up quicker and easier. Then she needs to be able to allow me to hold it for increasing periods of time. If your horse is going to be shod I highly suggest taking an open palm and tapping the sole of the hoof. This will somewhat replicate a nail going into the wall and the vibration of such. One of the biggest problems I noticed Flicka had was when he put her leg between his legs. She always wanted to take it back. I completely understand that it was unfamiliar to her and it goes against all her principals because it is trapped there. I will be adding all of this into her schedule so she becomes more familiar and ready for her next trim.

Another thing I've done with her is re-measured. I have been noticing her growth over the time she has been here and have been wanting to measure again. I finally got to it and she has grown an inch! She is 13.3 at her withers and 14hh at her butt and the big girl now weighs almost 900 pounds!

It's Wednesday and I officially saddled my baby bean. I chose the english saddle because it's a bit lighter and much easier to put on. I chose to bring her in the round pen because that way I could let her off the lead rope so she could freely run around and be able to work through any bucks or rears without hurting me or potentially herself by getting tangled in a rope. She listens really well to all my round penning cues which is so so nice.

I started off just asking her to move out and around with out the saddle so we could establish a connection. Whenever I ask her to move off I always point with my hand the direction I want her to go. She always does really well with her direction changes and overall round penning in general.

She was a little jumpy with the saddle but did really really well overall. I have only put an actual saddle on her one other time and it has no cinch. However I have put the bareback pad on her which has a cinch so it wasn't an unfamiliar experience for her. I believe in proper preparation leading to a well trained horse. By slowly increasing what I'm doing with her nothing is surprising her and that's exactly what I want.

 By slowly increasing what I'm doing with her nothing is surprising her and that's exactly what I want

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