Finding You

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September 15, 1999
A day he can always remember. A day he will always remember.

Sam got sick. And Dean took him to the hospital. He was seriously ill. So Dean was waiting in the waiting room. When a little kid walked up to him.

"I can't find my mommy and baby brother"he told Dean. So he grabbed the child and walked to the front desk. The child said his mothers name and Dean walked him to his mothers room.

As he set the child down. He heard a baby cry. He looked at saw the little child's mother holding a baby. She looked up at Dean. She saw Dena just staring at the baby. She smiled. "His name is Castiel. And thank you for bring my little trickster back"she told Dean. The man nodded.

She looked back at her small baby. The baby looked at Dean. And he saw the beautiful blue eyes. He felt his heart ache. He knew that baby was gonna be something special to him.

He waved goodbye to the mother and went to the waiting room. The doctor than showed up and took him to Sam's room. Finding out that Sam's room was next to the little blue eyes baby. When he walked in. He saw the kid that he took back to his mother. Talking to Sam.

"Are you gonna feel better?"the little child asked. "As far as I know"Sam laughed. The child smiled. "That's good. I have to go to my mommy now. Bye mister"he waved. Sam waved to.

"Bye other mister"the child waved to dean. Sam laughed. "You feeling better?"dean asked. "They said I can go home tomorrow. And everything should be good"he nodded. "That's good. Let's get out of this town"Dean said.

September 15 1999

The day both Winchesters finally found their soulmates. Only the other two were so young. They would never know.

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