Week 13 (11/5- 11/11)

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Big week for miss Flicka with several new experiences. I ponied her off Pepper for the very first time. This came as a bit of a struggle for her. She really didn't want to walk forward. I tied her lead rope to the saddle horn then held on to it as well.

I would ask Pepper to walk but she was pretty resistant against forward movement. We hauled her along quite a bit at first but she did begin to have forward movement.

After she got to where she was consistently walking I started asking Pepper to make turns and circles. She followed along really well. I felt she was okay with trying some other stuff so I had him pick up a trot. With a couple tugs she picked up a trot too and once she got going she was fine. We briefly tried cantering as well.

Overall she did really well with this but it did give a bit of an idea on her personality. At the moment I don't think she is going to be all that forward of a horse and probably going to need some leg support throughout rides which is fine. Every horse is different and this all in a guess I'll see for sure when I start riding her.

After I finished with them I hopped off and tied them both up. Flicka needs all the practice she can get. I untacked Pepper and got him all put away in the pasture and let the pony out. Flicka was standing by where I had laid the saddle. I just wanted to see what she thought of the blanket. I picked it up let her sniff it and put it right up on her back. She barely blinked at this. I went ahead and repeated this with the saddle and all the sudden she was wearing it. I didn't cinch it up or anything but I let her stand with it for probably about a minute. I am so pleased with her reaction and can't wait to build on this.

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