Week 12 (10/29-11/4)

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Started working on leading and stopping when I stop
Put my legs over her back
Lunging, desensitizing, and flexing, hindquarter yeild progress

Something all horses need to know is how to lead. Flicka does a nice job with this but can be difficult. Sometime she like to pull and especially over grass she wants to eat and not pay attention. Both my other horses know the word grass and Flicka was introduced.

I just walked her around my yard over really tempting delicious green grass. I held my hand up at eye level for her but allowed slack in the rope so if she would pull down she would bump herself against the rope. I only let her at the grass when she stopped bumping against her rope. She caught on really quickly to this cue.
I also use the word up when I want them to raise their head and continue walking.

Another thing we worked on was stopping when I stopped which is a work in progress with her.

I did also climb up on my big tire and played around with putting my legs over her back. She was a little nervous about this but I was just seeing how she felt about it so that's okay.

I also built on her staple exercises of lunging, desensitizing, and flexing. Which she did great with. We also built on her hindquarter yields which I did note a quicker softer response on both sides.

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