Week 11 (10/22- 10/28)

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I introduced hindquarter yields to her. This is just where she moves her hindquarters away from me preferably pivoting on a front leg. All I was looking for was a step under with her leg. She was unsure of what I wanted but did give me a few nice step unders on each side. It's something I plan to develop but there is no rush right now.

Giving treats is also something I want to make sure she understands. I am personally not the biggest giver of treats especially from the hand. I usually bring out their pans if I have apple or something. But she is a very friendly horse and has the potential to be a great kids horse. Kids love giving horses treats.

Currently she has a tendency to be very pushy with food and will nibble on hands if she thinks there are treats. In order to correct this I'm introducing the word "treat" to her. I have already removed this word from my vocabulary and use cookie instead. This is an important step because it is making the transition to a cue word instead of a descriptive one. Horses do not understand this difference like we do.

I will have a "treat" in my hand and hold it out flat offering it to her but if she comes to get it I close my hand quickly. I wait until she moves away before opening my hand again. I wait until the horse becomes uninterested before saying "treat" and giving it to them.

I find this method if used every time works very very well for more food aggressive horses like Flicka.

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