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"What have you done!" His brother's wail came, loud and clear amongst the battle of wind and rain. "Aphrodite, my love... open your eyes. Look at me!"

His jaw hardened. He had thought that killing the witch would break the spell she had cast on his brother, either he was wrong or she was still alive.

His brother hugged Aphrodite's corpse closer, clutching to it like she was still alive. He kept her close until his throat was raw from the wails and then he softly put her back on the pavement, like she was just sleeping.

"I would not forget this" His brother spoke softly, in a barely audible whisper but he had heard it loud and clear.

His body stiffened but he squared his shoulders and let go of any unpreparedness. "I feel no remorse for killing her" He said, he knew what he was going to face when he decided to kill Aphrodite.

It wasn't just his decision, every member of the family opted for her to be killed and also for him to kill. After all, no one was quiet as lethal as him yet.

A dry laugh escaped his brother's lips. "Why would you, you have never loved brother."

"She wasn't your beloved, she was after everything our family holds close to us. The thing you're calling love was nothing more than a mere spell work"

"Then why isn't the spell broken yet?" The unmistakable growl in his brother's voice was enough to tremble the stone walls that surrounded them but he didn't flinch to the slightest. "I loved her-"

"If you did love her, why didn't you stop her from killing our people to quench her thirst for power?"

His brother's face paled. "Aphrodite had killed? No I don't believe you"

"You need to stop putting the family below her everytime" He spoke the words in a low tone but the threatening edge to it did make his brother flinch.

"And if I refuse, would you kill me too?"

He didn't need to think to answer. "Yes".

"You might be stronger brother, but I have the taste of revenge on my tongue now. The next you'd see me is when I'm done with the destruction everyone deserves ."

His brother was fast, but not as much as him. He could predict the moves of his opponents as soon as they've thought about them. Capturing him wasn't hard but seeing him receive the punishment for betraying the family was.

The next night his brother fled, no one knew how but the fear in their hearts was lessened. His brother wasn't as powerful as he used to be. Not even half of his strength remained and as the years passed, those fears slipped in to his  sub conscious mind.

Never did he knew, ten years later his fears would be standing right in front of him in situations he couldn't even imagine.

• • •

Hello readers! I'm almost done with the edit of Gravitating. There are some major and some minor changes made which will make you enjoy the book more.

This is the new prologue, I'd be posting a new chapter every week. Enjoy!

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