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Chapter 1

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, incidents and dialogues are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, events or locales, is entirely coincidental.

Just a warning:  

-This is rated PG 13 for a reason 

-Slow updates 

Rule number 1: Don't miss the target

Sneaking into the house was the easy part. The hard part was dealing with the odour of the place.

The house was a small one, only three rooms, a kitchen and a living hall. The place was infested with bugs and pests. Dirty laundry was all over the place and my nose crinkled in disgust as my enhanced senses were bombarded by a stale odour.

Brandishing my knife, I stalked towards the room with loud snores emanating from it. A man in his mid-forties was in a deep slumber. He was smiling in his dream, unaware of the current situation-an intruder, going to take his life. He was a drug dealer according to the information I was given, I wasn't going to feel upset about him dying.

Killing people, innocent or not, does not matter to me anymore. People might find my brain twisted, sick and disgusting but its part of my life since I was eleven. Uncle Simon adopted me when I was 11 and he was the one who gave me this type of life. This life although not by choice, was an interesting one.

Another reason why I am the best hit woman, I am a werewolf. Being a werewolf meant that I had enhanced vision, strength and speed. It was easy to end a human life, a little more challenging for wolves.

After finishing the business, I hopped into my modified Audi R8 GT and I checked my phone for any messages.

One unread message from Uncle Simon.

"Call me immediately" That's all. No- how did your mission go or are you injured. Just call me.

I dialled his number and he answered it immediately. "Lisa, there's another mission for you. I'm sending the details over," he said, pausing for a moment, "any objections?"

"No" I replied. There will never be any objection.

If there is, I'll be dead in less than a minute.


Dashing through all the red lights, I finally arrived at my destination. Uncle Simon sent me details on the guy I was going to kill. He was about 20 years of age, occupation: student. There wasn't much details about him and I wasn't going to ask. I just do my job and get paid.

I parked my car a few streets away and ran there. After making sure that my weapons were with me and my face mask was on, I infiltrated the house. This house was completely different compared to the previous one. This was way neater and cleaner and there was no odours killing my nose. However there was another type of scent and sound that caught my attention.

Throughout my entire career - eight years, I have not once intruded a house filled with the scent of lust, sweat and sex. The moans and groans were irritating my ears as I stood in the dining hall wondering what to do next. 

What would happen if I were to interrupt their session? I definitely do not want my eyes to get burned but this... this sounds way to fun. The partner of the target would be able to catch some action and drama tonight. I made sure the silencer was on my gun and my face mask was in place before walking towards the room.

I gently turned the door knob and before I knew it, my eyes were burned. I was so disgusted that I didn't even want to describe the scene. My plan of scaring the other person backfired as I was burned instead. Taking a step back, my boots made a silent click on the floor. Any normal person would not have heard that sound, especially with those moans and groans.I was sure that even if I had shouted the word 'fire', they would not hear me at all.

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