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jungkook has been wandering around the beach, not knowing what to do after being told by his mother to go outside and have some fresh air.

he, for some reason, went out at the beach at 11:00PM at night and wanted to try something...'enchanting' or 'different'

the boy didn't believe in wishes. in fact, he never even bothered to. but now, he has thoughts of wish- well, at least, trying to wish.

jungkook looked at the round sphere, shining like the sun in the night sky. thinking of what to wish of. he finally decided, closed his eyes and said "i wish to find the love of my life for at least a day"

he opened his eyes, expecting something to happen. well, nothing happened. "i knew it" he chuckled.
he sighed, letting the wind flow through his brown hazel hair.

he turned around returning back home when suddenly,

"hey," a figure appeared in front of him.

jungkook screamed and fell back to the salty water.

"who tf are you?!" he yelled attempting to get up.

"woah chill. i'm taehyung" the person; taehyung walked towards jungkook and stretched his arm forward indicating that he wants a handshake.

"i'm..jungkook.." the boy drenched in water shook taehyung's hand.

taehyung walked closer and closer to the boy and stared into his eyes. jungkook didn't know what was happening. he thinks its just his imagination. but he couldnt help but smile and look back at the taehyung's beautiful brown eyes.

taehyung touched jungkooks nose with his pointer finger


jungkook screamed and fell back at the water again.
'im out of my mind' he thought


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