86: Little Finger

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There was a male student awesome studied in the university library. He would stay there studying in the evenings until it closed. Then he will walk back to the dorm room. Every night on the way back to the dormitories, he passed a small park and would always see a young girl sitting on a swing. Finally, one night he decided to go up to her and started talking with her. From that on, he would always talk to her for a while before going back to his dorm.

Later when he told his friends about the grill, they asked him to describe her. They told him that the young girl he described sounded exactly like the teachers daughter who had died in a traffic accident. They said the teachers daughter had lost her little finger. The student was very curious and wanted to know whether the girl was missing her little finger. So, the next night, when he spoke to the girl he asked if he could see her hands. She didn't want to show them to him, but he demanded to see her hands. The girls thrust out her hand and when the boys saw that her little finger was missing, he ran away in terror.

Later, he would go by the park in the evenings, but the swing would be left empty and he never saw the girl again.

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