Chapter 33

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Harry P.O.V.

I had thought about what Cher said. It felt... Wrong but right at the same time. It was like homework, you knew you had to do it but you just can't bring yourself to. Basically I felt like I was procrastinating from accepting the truth.

I felt like I didn't want to accept the fact that I'm never getting out of here because I've have to accept it one day, not like I didn't believe in my friends.

I plastered my hands over my face and dragged them down, letting out a long deep sigh. I was sick of this and I just wanted out - almost as much as I wanted Louis.

I knew I was being childish and fussy but I really just wanted to leave. Any time soon. I felt a familiar stinging feeling in my eyes but scrunched them up and forced it away.

I wasn't going to cry.

Suddenly a loud bell rang out and my friends next to me began clambering to their feet.

"Come on Harry," Olly nudged me, helping me up. I ambled sluggishly over to the door at the back. We were filed into the room very orderly and bowls were placed in front of us. Mushed up slop that somewhat resembled mash potatoes was thrown into them.

I looked up at the guard serving and clocked a brown lock falling daring from beneath the cap. I looked at the guard quizzically but they just kept their head down and shoved it away.

I slowly began picking at the food and popped a bit in my mouth. I tasted like shit but for what it looked like the texture was okay. I managed to force it down and pushed my bowl away.

We were sent back out and the youngers ones sent in.

Soon enough we were back to the same routine, pondering about how shit my life was and when I was going to get of here, occasionally talking to the younger kids and my mind clouded by thoughts of Louis.

Jade P.O.V.

We were walking through the corridors when suddenly we heard call.


We turned to face a beige guard with his hand by his cap - arm bent. We all copied, thankfully it being the right thing to do. He then proceeded to inform us that we were on feeding duty.


I glance nervously at the others who nodded and the guard left. We looked around before settling on a sign and following it to the feeding room.

There we were handed silver bowls and ladles and waited by the bowls on the floor.

Some hybrids were sent in and a clock Harry with them. He looked sad and depressed and like he just wanted it all to end. His face was pale and weary with the lack of sleep and I could barely imagine what he had been through.

I walked up to his bowl and ladled some of the slop into it, a piece of hair falling from my cap as I did so. Hurriedly I pushed it away, hoping none of the other guards saw it. Luckily, they didn't and I carried on.

I watched in dismay as the hybrids began to eat and then were filed back out and smaller ones sent in. I guessed they were the newer ones. We performed the same routine and were just about to leave when suddenly a loud ringing echoed through the building. Out radios went crazy and I picked one up to try and listen to what it was saying.


I stopped, wondering who that could be when it hit me - THAT WAS US! I glanced over to Zerrie who looked like they were going to faint on the spot and they turned to me. I looked at Jack who grabbed my hand and led me out.

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