Chapter 5

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Previously on Chapter 4

'Shit!' I thought. I got up and run away. "Y/N! Wait" I heard Peter yelled, but I didn't stop. I run until I reach to rooftop. Peter caught up not not too long after.


-Trouble and Love-


Peter walk over to me. I started shaking as I try to hold back my sobs. Peter sat next to me, he wrap an arm around my shoulder. I move to lean my head on his shoulder. "Shhh... Just let it out" he whispers gently. He stayed silent after that just holding me in his arm, waiting for me to calm down. Slowly... tears start to stream down my eyes.

Peter move so my head is leaning on his chest. He wrap both arms around me, holding me close.

After a while, I finally started to calm. All left is just a rag breathing and constant hiccups. After 5 minutes, my breathing starts to even out. Peter pull away slightly to get a better look of my face. He moves his hand to cup my cheeks and wipe the remaining tears. "Are you okay now, Y/N?" He asks gently. I slowly nod my head in respond, still not trusting my voice. "What happened?" He asks again. I look down "They knew..." I mumble. He looks at with a confused face "what do you mean?" He asks. I look up at him "they knew about my ability" I say with a shaky voice. Peter pull me into a hug again. "So what if they know... They won't do anything to you. If they did... I'll protect you" he said. "Really?" I say, my head is on the crook of his neck. I feel him nod "yeah... I promise I'd protect you" he said in a very gently voice.


I didn't attend the class for the rest of the day. I can't, I don't wanna see the look they send me. Peter wants to stay with me, but I don't let him. I told him that he needs to attend the class.

Once the school is over, I head home. A few student is still around the hall. They shot me a look of fear, disgust. Until a few of them starts throwing things at me and they say some hurtful name. "Monster!" "Demon!" "Witch" are some of the hurtful word. Then someone push me to the locker cutting my arm in the process, then I fall to the floor. "Get lost, witch. We don't want a witch like you to be around us!" Said R/N (random name). I just sit there in silence, my head down. They start to throw things at me.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" I heard someone yell out. I look up to see a figure standing in front of me. "This is the last time I see any of you hurting her. If this happens again, I'll make each of you suffer. Mind my words!" Once he said that each student back up. The figure turn to face me. "Peter..." I say weakly. He moves over next to me. "Are you okay?" He asks. I nod my head. He sigh, he place one arm behind my knee and the other on my back. Then he pick me up. He carried me along the way to my home.

When we get there he places me gently on the couch. He went over to the cabinet to take a first aid kid box. He walks over to me and starts tending on my wound. "I'm so sorry I wasn't there to help you in time" he said. I shook my head "shh... Don't say that. I'm okay, it's just a small cut" I say gently. He stops and look at me, then he shook his head rapidly  "That's not the point Y/N. I promised to you that I'll protect you... That I won't let anything bad happen to you. Yes... It's just a small cut. But what if they hurt you again and I'm not there to protect you!" He starts speaking so fast. He starts crying. I was shock. 'Did I mean that much to him... That he's so afraid if I'm hurt' I thought. I hug him "Peter... Shh.... I'm okay" I whispers. He hugs me back tightly but not so tight like he's afraid to hurt me. "I've lost Gwen. I can't loose you too. I can't..." He starts sobbing. I stayed silent as I rub his back gently.

After a while he finally calmed down. "Peter..." I start. "Mm?" He respond. "Did I... Really mean that much to you?" I ask hesitantly. "Y/N... You mean so much to me. I'm so scared too loose you. I can't imagine if I have to loose you. I-I love you, Y/N" he said. I was shocked. I thought all this time it's just a one sided love. That its just me to feel this way. Turns out, I was wrong. Peter do loves me back. I smile happily "I love you too, Peter" I say. His eyes widened "y-you do?" He stutter. I hug him "yes... I do" I say. "Yes!!!" He cheers.

He pulls away and surprise me. He kissed me. I froze for a bit, not expecting that. But then I relaxes in his arms and starts to kiss him back.

The kiss lasted for 5 minutes. Then we pull away. He place his forehead on mine and smile at me. "Gosh... I love you so much, Y/N" he said. I smile back "and I love you too" I say. He hugs me again. Slowly I fall into deep slumber.

At night

When I wake up. It was midnight. I was about to get up, when I felt arms looped around my waist. At first I panicked, but then I remember what happened this evening. Smiling, I turn in his arms and stare at him. I smile and kiss his forehead. A smile appear on his lips as he tighten his grip on me. I smile softly and place head on his chest. I snuggle closer and close my eyes, falling back asleep.

*to be continued*

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