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(Chapters:  MONSTER Entertainment (1st one), Form, and Media)


I went ahead and talked to some of you already, I fixed what needed to be fixed and I thank you all for your cooperation. I'll be denying any forms that are younger than their fc by a large age gap, and anything else that violates any of the rules.


It's been over a month and y'all are still not reading the entire chapters, not even this and the rules. You people keep making your fc like 7 years younger too like what?? Please read the chapters, I don't bust my butt off to write them for you to throw in the trash. 


Why do I even bother updating this chapter? None you are reading it anyway what the hell? The issue with the FC thing is still going on, please read the three chapters mentioned above.. Too lazy to scroll up? Here I was nice enough to add it down here too. 

(Chapters: MONSTER Entertainment (1st one), Form, and Media)

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