"What did you say!?!?" Sakura shouted incredulously as another vein throbbed on her forehead.

"Bleh," said Ino tauntingly, making a face at her.

"Are you guys taking this troublesome exam too? Don't die," Shikamaru remarked as he and Chōji joined them.

"Oh!! The idiot trio!!" Naruto said upon seeing all three of them together. April sweat-dropped at his way with words.

"Don't call us that!!" said Shikamaru, annoyed. "Man, this sucks..."

'Shikamaru Nara: he's a unenthusiastic guy who would rather watch clouds than practice ninjutsu. Finds almost everything 'troublesome'. Naruto likes to call him a 'complaining idiot', but underneath that laziness, he can be surprisingly smart...' April thought, sizing up the members of team 10. 'Chōji: he's always eating something. For this reason Naruto calls him a 'fatass idiot'... but never to his face. 'Fat' is a taboo word around Chōji, and you wouldn't like him when he's angry.'

"Sasuke-kun is mine!! Bleh!!" Ino said, sticking out her tongue.

'Then there's Ino Yamanaka: always fighting with Sakura. She's Sakura-chan's rival. Naruto calls her a 'Sasuke idiot'... Well, no arguments there,' April thought, sweat-dropping. Didn't she realize she was just making herself look bad by acting like that?

"Yahoo!! Found you!!" Kiba said, getting their attention as he walked up with his own team, which included Shino and Hinata. Kiba's dog, Akamaru, was riding on his head.

"H... Hello..." Hinata greeted them nervously in a voice that was barely audible, blushing.

"Well, well, everyone is assembled," Kiba said with a smirk.

"Geez... you guys too?" asked Shikamaru.

"I see... all ten of this year's rookie genins are taking the exam. I wonder how far we'll get... Eh, Sasuke-kun?" Kiba remarked cockily.

"Pft... You seem confident, Kiba," Sasuke said with a smirk, furrowing his brow slightly.

"We did a lot of training. We won't lose to you," Kiba retorted cockily.

"Shut up!!!" Naruto yelled, pissed that it was becoming all about Sasuke again. "Sasuke might, but I won't lose to the likes of you!!!"

"Sorry... Naruto... Kiba-kun didn't mean it in that way..." Hinata said shyly in a quiet voice, blushing.

"?" Kiba said, glancing at her. Why was she apologizing?

"Huh?" Naruto said, wondering why she looked so nervous and fidgety.

'Akamaru looks tasty...' Chōji thought, staring at the puppy on Kiba's head with hungry eyes, even though he was already munching on a bag of potato chips. April sweat-dropped when she saw the way he was eyeing the dog, wondering if she should be concerned.

'Kurenai's Team 8...' she thought as she observed them. 'Hinata Hyūga: a shy and quiet girl who has trouble looking people directly in the eyes, especially Naruto, but she's a nice girl when she does talk. Given the way she's always watching him, I'm pretty sure she has a crush on Naruto. Unfortunately for her, he's totally clueless. Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru: even louder than Naruto (if that's possible). He and Naruto are a lot alike, except Kiba is bossier. It's kind of annoying. Akamaru is cute, though. Shino Aburame: I don't know much about him. But he seems to have a thing for bugs, because I saw him letting one crawl on his hand before.'

"Hey, you guys, you should be a little quieter," another examinee called out to them.

"!!" Sakura said as they all looked over and saw the expression of disapproval on the older leaf genin's face as he approached them.

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