“They’ll have to put that on hold, this kind of takes priority don’t you think?” Lisa rolled her eyes impatiently and reached for the door. I froze as I felt it, the undeniable pull. He was somewhere close by.

            “Should I get Evan?” Sutton suddenly stopped in her tracks and slapped a hand to her mouth. “Oh God, what if he doesn’t want a kid? What am I supposed to do then? What if I’m pregnant and he doesn’t want the baby? I’ve got school and work and Alpha duties! I can’t have a kid Lisa, I’m too busy!”

            “Calm yourself woman!” Lisa growled, looking around to make sure no one had caught the outburst. “You’re giving yourself a panic attack that quite frankly, is unnecessary. Evan loves you and if you do happen to be pregnant, then he’ll love that child too. We don’t even know for sure if you’re pregnant which is why we have to go to the store and find out. With that being said, let’s go!” Lisa gestured for us to move through the door when it suddenly opened and a group of teenagers spilled in. I halted in my tracks, butterflies erupting within me.

            My mate stood in front of me, looking at me with his head tilted to the side.

            I let my eyes wander over the people that stood with him, finding a few familiar faces. I finally gave into my wolf’s desires and met his gaze for a fraction of a second, instantly feeling the longing and affection bloom in me. I wanted nothing more than to run to his arms and hold onto him but I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t do that to him. I had yet to get to know him but I could already tell he was a good person. I wouldn’t taint him with all that I was and all that I had been through. My only hope was that eventually he would move on and find someone that was actually worth the adoration that shined in his eyes as he looked at me.

            “Pepper!” Conrad yelled, his excitement evident. I jumped, forgetting there were other people in the room. Lisa and Sutton looked around, confused.

            “Who’s Pepper?” Lisa asked to no one in particular.

            “Hey, it’s you again!” Aiden’s sure stare made me feel more than a little uncomfortable.

            “Who’s she?” A brown haired girl stepped up and glanced at me curiously.

            “Who? Pepper?” Conrad asked, slinging an arm around her shoulders.

            “Paige.” James corrected, not taking his eyes off her.

            “You’re right.” The girl nodded at Aiden, tilting her head to the side. I’d obviously missed something he said through the pack link.

            “I can’t place it. The name even sounds familiar.” Aiden commented. I shifted uncomfortably under everyone’s scrutinizing stares.

            “What’s with the hold up at the door? Why is everyone stop-” A girl’s voice got closer and closer until a head of curly brown hair popped up. I recognized her as the girl I’d been introduced to earlier. Chrissy I think Evan said her name was. “Oh, it’s you.”

            “Chrissy!” The first brunette spoke, frowning at her in disapproval. “Don’t be rude, she’s obviously new.” Chrissy rolled her eyes before the other girl turned back to me, smiling. “I’m Nora and as James has pointed out, you must me Paige. It’s nice to meet you.”

            “You too.” I murmured. Other than Ariel, I didn’t have any friends and meeting new people was hard.

            “Well since they haven’t introduced themselves, I’ll do it for them.” Nora gestured to a few guys and girls that stood behind her before listing off names. “You know Aiden and James, that’s Chrissy, and next to her are Max and Cory, that over there would be Jill and her mate Adam. That brings me to the dork who has his arm around me,” She grinned affectionately at Conrad before looking back at me. “This is my mate Conrad.”

            “Hello.” Was that the right word to say to a group of silent people who are just content to look at you?

            “Well who’s up for some dinner?” A blond haired Jill spoke up, looking around when no one responded.

            “Actually Sutton, Paige, and I have to run to the store to get something so we’ll be a little late. Can you let Evan know please?” Lisa interrupted, smiling kindly at Jill.


            “What do you need to get?” Nora asked, probably wondering how the new girl was already close with two of the most powerful members in the pack.

            “What?” Lisa asked, frowning.

            “The store? What is it that you need to get before dinner?” Nora laughed at Lisa’s confused expression.

            “Oh right. Well, it seems that there is a shortage on…” Lisa fumbled around, scrunching her nose up as she thought. It seemed quite clear to me that we were trying to hide something.

            “Milk! We’re out of milk.” Sutton suddenly exclaimed. She nodded to herself before continuing on. “I really wanted some milk and we didn’t have any and so now we are going to the store…to get some milk.” Sutton clarified, trailing off.

            “That’s weird. I could have sworn Anita just bought milk yesterday.” Nora frowned but shrugged, accepting Sutton’s obvious lie.

            “Weird.” Lisa agreed. “Ok, well we’re going to the store now to get Sutton’s cheese so we’ll be seeing you.”

            “Cheese? I thought you wanted milk.” We really must me the world’s worst liars.

            “Cheese?” Lisa froze before pretending to look confused.

            “You said you were going to the store to get Sutton’s cheese but she just said she wanted milk.” Nora now looked confused as well.

            “I said milk.” Lisa stated seriously.

            “No you said cheese.” Nora argued.

            “No, I don’t think so.” Lisa countered, shaking her head.

            “Well we should be going now.” I interjected, using Nora’s moment of confusion as an opening to leave.

            “Bye Pepper!” Conrad yelled as I walked outside. I didn’t turn around but I could practically feel the heat of James’ gaze on me as I headed towards Sutton’s car.

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