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You hungry I asked

Yeah she said

Ight I said

I ordered our food then we went home

Go get cleaned up I'll bring the food upstairs I said

Okay she said

I took off my shoes then I grabbed the food going upstairs . I took her food out the bag then sat it next to her

Thanks she said pecking my lips

You welcome baby I said rubbing her stomach .

She smiled a little as she ate on if her nachos

Once I got done eating I threw my trash away and got ready to get in the shower.

I turned on the water waiting for it to get hot . I stripped from my clothes and jumped in  I stayed in for about 20 minutes then I got out wrapping the towel around my body.

I opened the door and walked in the closet drying off then I put on my boxers and a pair of basketball shorts .

I laid down wrapping my arms around her as she barried her head in my neck .

I hope she wakes up soon she sniffed

Baby trust me she go wake up I'm pretty sure she don't want you sobbing and moping around all day I frowned

Your right she smiled wiping her face

Now go to sleep I said kissing her

Maybe if you give me some ......dick she smiled

Not tonight baby I said

Please she wined

No go to sleep I said closing my eyes

Baby please she said

I said no now take yo lil as to sleep I said

She rolled her eyes as she turned over mumbling lil smart shit under her breath

What you say I said

I said that's why you ain't my friend no more and I'm not talking to you for ten minutes she pouted

For real I gasped

She shook her head smiling a little

Ight lil g I laughed Turing my back towards her

*3 minutes later *

Babe don't you wanna cuddle she smiled

Man leave me alone I mumbled

Why don't you love me she yelled

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