Tongue Rubbing Competition

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"Hey, Aaron, can you give me and Jake a minute?" I asked my best friend.

"It's my house," he whinned.

"Thank you," I grinned.

"Fine," he sigh jokingly and left the room.

I couldn't believve I was actually going to have to say this to Jake. Not only that, but I couldn't believe I wanted to say it. How on Earth was I choosing Chace? He was horrible for me. He was jealous, posessive, difficult, complicated- all in all he pretty much drove me insane. So why you ask was I choosing him?

I was beginning to wonder that myself. Jake was good to me. He was caring, sweet, smart, and he never once made me want to die. But wasn't teenage love supposed to make you want to die sometimes? Teenage love was supposed to be perfect, amazing, beautiful, just plain awesome. I was supposed to have tears on my pillow and pain mixed with happiness. There must've been a reason I was constantly gravitating towards Chace.

Yet somehow when I was about to tell Jake this I was having second thoughts. Not about telling Jake it wasn't going to happen. I refused to string him along when I was still feeling this way about Chace. No, my second thoughts were about Chace. For some reason Aaron's words 'no one' rang in my ears.

I wasn't quite ready to rule out Chace, but I knew the right choice for me and Jake.

"I know," I swallowed and started my sentence over, "You told me you loved me-"

"Love, as in currently," Jake corrected.

I looked down at the floor. Then I looked to the bed he was sitting on, the ceilling, the posters on his walls, the window across the room from me showing a cluster on tree branches in the moonlite night which shone onto the light blue walls. In short, I looked eveywhere and anywhere, but him.

"Okay," I nodded, "you love me. So before I can tell you this I need you to know that I really love you too."

He smiled once he heard love and then seemed to remember I said that I had to tell him something else. He grimaced, "What do you have to say?"

"I can't, I mean we can't go out," I stammered, but tried to contain myself, "because I don't know have I feel about Chace and that would be so unfair to you."

He nodded slowly as if a little kid had just told him something twisted- like shock and disbelief all in one.Then his nod turned into a more confirming one and he ended it with one hard, or at least not as soft as before, nod.

"So, um, I guess figure your feelings out about Chace and then we can move on from there," he suggested.

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