Chapter 12 - Where is He?

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Currently, I am pretty sure that my room isn't supposed to be this dark, not like the twilight darkness, this is the pitch black of midnight. Not a single sizzle or hum of electricity pumping through the lights, or more importantly my heater. Why do I always seem to have the worst of luck? That one question led me into yet another flashback from my clouded past...

"Get down here Miss Hope Lady Findlay!"

I rolled my eyes. Really? It wasn't even my fault!

"Okay, coming Miss..." I trailed down the stairs slowly, coming to the height of Miss Pero: the english teacher.

"Yes?" I asked timidly.

"You, YOU! How dare you say that in class! This is a school for young ladies, NOT so called 'rebels' in English. Throwing about rough words that punch like boxing gloves in class!"

Dear Miss Pero, the English teacher who you could tell taught that subject from just listening to her speech. It was always perfectly put out, and it had to have at least one simile, metaphor or other technique in it. If she didn't use one you could tell she was in a hurry. Her tall, lean build matched her weight of a social life - virtually none. Although she was middle-aged she was as terrifying as a grumpy old man whose flowers had just gotten trampled over! Right now she was about to smash me over the back with a walking stick, not that she had one though.  

Apparently I was, as Miss Pero would say: throwing about vile language that stabs like knives. In other words 'I was swearing in class and throwing rude gestures to her back because she gave me a D+ on my exam.' The only part that was true in that accusation was the D+ part. I am in all this deep shit just because of stupid, peroxide dyed blonde brain Mia Nire. All her blonde dumbassness got me into trouble, just because her parents payed for all the cheerleading uniforms for the school. Great move. She hates me and I don't know what for, well, apart from the fact that I am real, just like all the other girls she hates. So here I was wondering how I got such a low grade and then that gum-chewing bitch went off behind the teacher with her friends and then typically blamed it on me. So now I'll have to go into Thurday afternoon detentions for the rest of the week...

Another flashback overtook that previous one...

"I'm afraid Hope, that you'll have to go back to join the chess club to find a year 3 little boy to go to graduation with you, because all the guys in our grade don't want to go with a pig. I think going and finding a younger date would suit you - maybe a blind one..."

Yet again, a fake bimbo blonde, one of Mia's friends, well, well, well, what a surprise! They're a huge bitch! Not like Mia or anything.

Grade 7 graduation into high school. The worst year of my life, when I was putting on weight during puberty and all the boys picked the skinny, blonde bimbos like Mia and company. They should have just started a prostitute band then.

Of course, in our school it was the complete opposite, many more girls than boys and I had only one friend and she got picked by her crush. We were like ying and yang. Her being lucky, skinny, naturally perfect skin and me; unluckiest person alive, ugly, pimples, fat exploding everywhere. So the girls that weren't picked had to double up with the guys and of course I didn't get picked that time either. So on the night I decided to stay home and not graduate. I wouldn't of even fitted on the dance floor. I was so fat then...

Doesn't look like my luck has improved too much since then... No heat, freezing my body parts off, no light, someone more than likely watching me with those ninja night vision glasses or whatever they are called...

It's from this bad luck that I have decided I must go. I have to. I have no choice and I have no clue where Corey is or who the hell is watching me.

I have to run.


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