Part 18

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Sarah: Where are you?
Susanna: I have no idea..?
Sarah: Ok... that's weird.
Susanna: You don't say. I remember getting of the train, and I think I passed out. Now I'm on another train and I have no idea where I am.
Sarah: Oh god... I am NOT loosing another sibling. Especially not you.
Susanna: Don't have that kind of attitude. I'll be fine, Sarah. I'll just ask this person on the other side of the carriage where we're going.
Sarah: Oh please be careful Susan.
Susanna: I'll be fine. I'm 15. Dw.
Sarah: You're still a child!
Susanna: Yeah and so are you. You're 18. 
Sarah: Yes! But you're a younger child.
Susanna: Oh forget it. I'm going to ask this woman where we are.
Sarah: What did she say?
Sarah: Susanna?! What did she say?
Susanna: Oh sorry. She said that I should be concentrating. I explained that I was unconscious, and she just tutted! So rude.
Sarah: What a weirdo.
Susanna: You don't say. She gave me very weird vibes, and she smelled AWFUL!
Sarah: Is she old, or young?
Susanna: Young.
Sarah: Mid 30s?
Susanna: About that.
Sarah: What colour hair?
Susanna: Well she has a hood up, but I can see a little strand of hair and I recon it's brown.
Sarah: Eyes?
Susanna: I don't know! Blue? Look Sarah, what has this got to do with anything?
Sarah: Does she have a mole on her chin?
Susanna: Yes... How do you know? Sarah, explain!
Sarah: Get off the train.
Susanna: Why?
Sarah: Just get off at the next stop! I'll explain once you're off.
Susanna: But Idk where I am!
Sarah: We'll worry about that afterwards. Where's the next stop? 
Susanna: Should I ask that woman again?
Sarah: Hell no! Don't speak to her, look at her, touch her, anything!
Susanna: Does this have anything to do with Andrew?
Susanna: Sarah?
Sarah: Yes.
Susanna: Omg omg omg I'm freaking out Sarah! I don't want to die!
Sarah: YOU'RE NOT GOING TO DIE! I'm not loosing another sibling to this woman!
Susanna: What happened that day? The day Andrew went missing.
Sarah: We were on a train, and that woman got on. Andrew went to ask where we were (we were in the same situation as you) and she grabbed him. I tried to get him and escape, but the carriage filled up with gas, and I had to get out. I thought I had his arm, but it wasn't! And I never saw him again. The woman gave me the same vibes, and looks like that. You NEED to get off!
Susanna: Why did you never tell me? I'm asking this woman what she did with my younger brother.
Sarah: NO! That's a stupid idea! He's probably dead, Susan. Please, just get off alive.
Susanna: She knows.
Sarah: She knows what?
Susanna: About this. Somehow she knows about our conversation. I'm getting that feeling, and she's staring at me. It feels like she's drilling a hole into me.
Sarah: Oh when's the next stop?! 
Susanna: I'm moving to the next damn carriage. This is driving me insane.
Sarah: That's a great idea. If she follows you, scream, run, and hide. Try and get off without being spotted, Susanna.
Sarah: Are you running?
Susanna: Yse
Sarah: Get off the train.
Susanna: I CAN'T! It keeps going and it won't stop. It's been going on and on for about 15 minutes. That isn't right, is it?!
Sarah: I've called the police...
Susanna: Yes?!
Sarah: She's in jail. This is all a prank...
Susanna: No it's not! What are you talking about?
Sarah: Hang on, the victims list has just popped up on the TV. It includes Andrew. I miss him :(
Susanna: Me too.
Sarah: Wait...
Sarah: You're there too.
Sarah: You're supposed to be dead.
Sarah: Susan?

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