Chapter TwentyFour- Keeping It Real

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Chapter TwentyFour- Keeping It Real

June 25th: Waxing Crescent

    I was absolutely frozen on the spot as Zac picked up an apple from his little pile. You'd think the effect would be ridiculous but in reality it was scaring the heck out of me. He took a bite out of it and I was about ready to laugh from how seriously strange the situation had become. Next to me I could tell Haden was feeling almost the same was because he was shaking...or maybe that was due to the fact the he was really cold. Either way the whole Zac apple thing was weirding me out. 

    "You gonna' do something with those apples boy," I asked, raising my eyebrow at him. It was taking a lot of my confidence to act so sure of myself in his midst. I mean the kid had connected my brother and I so he had some great power inside him. 

    With a menacing laugh he let the apple drop back down into the pile. The bite he'd taken out of it revealed the inside to be a sickly black color. So the apples weren't appetizing but that still didn't explain what was so special about them or why he'd decided to take a bite out of the disgusting thing. Must be an insane person thing. 

    "You and Snow White are about to have a lot in common with one another," he smirked, as an apple suddenly started floating in midair. With no preamble to his Snow White comment I knew that Haden and I were in store for one heck of a fight. 

    The apple went soaring through the air, and I barely had time to blink before I knocked Haden out of the way. Behind me the apple exploded, sending flaming pieces of black apple toward us. One of the pieces managed to hit my arm and it stung so much that I yelped, dodging any others that came toward me. On my side I could see Haden swatting a piece from his shoulder and noticed that it had singed through his shirt. 

    Looking back over at Zac I could see the satisfaction written all over his face. He knew he had the upper hand here what with his magic while Haden and I were unable to do anything with our skill. I mean it wasn't a full moon and--

    Holy heck weasel I could change if I really wanted to. Isn't that what Jade had said I'd been doing anyway? Granted it had gotten me sick and would probably end up killing me but at a time like this it would really come in handy. Besides what was the point in being a super cool werewolf (or well panther in my case) when you couldn't use it to your advantage? Yeah, changing without a full might turn out to be a bust but it also might just save our lives from this insane kid. 

    The only issue was that without my memories fully intact I had no idea how I was supposed to go all animal. I mean was it a thinking thing or was I supposed to feel it in my bones or some crap like that? I literally had no idea what to do and I was beginning to regret the thought when Zac flung another apple our way. 

    Out of pure instinct I kicked out at it, the thing blasting into my body and sending me sprawling to the ground. I guess it hadn't totally registered until now that I was still in the gosh awful hospital gown that now had mini holes all over it where the apples had exploded. The skin underneath was flaming and red as I would no doubt have many burns later. 

    "Okay super awesome werewolf skills if you could kick in now that would be fantastic," I muttered, getting up from the ground in my tattered clothes and staring down Zac like I could have the upper hand at any point. It was likely obvious on both of our faces that I wasn't going to be doing anything special anytime soon. 

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