Chapter 15...

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It was a few hours later. I helped Blinx put together a nice costume. He was gonna dress up as Puss in Boots! Come on! He looks very much like him! I thought it was perfect for him. We did all the measurements and made sure it looked EXACTLY like the outfit Puss wears. And it was. He looks awesome in it!

But while we were doing all that, I could sense he was tense and anxious. It's Mikaela, I just know it. "Ela retornará. Pare de se preocupar. (She will come back. Stop worrying.)" I told him while putting the feather in the hat. "Eu sei, mas não posso. E se ela se machucar? E se ela não consegue encontrar o caminho de volta? E se- (I know, but I can't. What if she gets hurt? What if she cannot find her way back? What if-)" "Blinx!" I shouted, interrupting his rambling. He went silent for a moment.

"Meu mal, desculpa. (My bad, sorry.)" He finally said. I nodded. "Eu gostaria de poder falar inglês...(I wish I could speak English...)" I said out loud. "Por que razão? (For what reason?)" He asked me. "Nada não. (Nothing.)" I lied. He really needs to date her, holy Time Crystals. I think they'd make a nice couple honestly. That's one of the reasons, so I could just tell her to date him. Like seriously. Geez.

Then an idea popped in my head. At the wedding ceremony, there will be a dance! Blinx can dance with her! And from what I've seen in movies, they will kiss at the end! PERFECT! I AM SUCH A GENIUS! "O que você fará na cerimônia de casamento? (What will you do at the wedding ceremony?)" I asked him with a grin, tilting the hat slightly over his face. He shrugged. "Eu não sei...(I don't know...)"

"Você vai trazer Mikaela? (Are you going to bring Mikaela?)" I then asked. "Só se ela quiser. (Only if she wants to.)" He replied, pushing the hat up. I tilted it back down. Stay. "Você deve. (You should.)" I told him, now done with his hat. "E se ela não quiser? (What if she doesn't want to?)" He then asked me. I thought for a moment, then replied "Em seguida respeite ela decisão. (Then respect her decision.)" That would be her loss.

After saying that, I stepped back to get a good look at him. Holy Time Crystals, it's perfect. Best I did yet. "Vire-se por favor. (Turn around please.)" I told him. He huffed and did so. Alright, the cape is aligned...The boots are good...The belt needs to tilt on the hips a bit more. Other than that, he's good! Wow! A masterpiece on the perfect cat! Ok, some things he needs to know. "Ok Blinx, você precisa manter o chapéu inclinado, o mesmo com o cinto. A espada deve ser embainhada, a menos que você planeje salvar a vida das pessoas. (Okay Blinx, you need to keep the hat tilted, the same with the belt. The sword must be sheathed, unless you plan to save people's lives.)" I informed him. Yea, if he saves anyone's life, it BETTER be Mikaela, or I'll smack him with a crowbar...!

Blinx sighed and looked at me. "Aquele é necessário? (Is that necessary?)" "Sim. (Yes.)" I replied bluntly, giving him a small glare. He rolled his eyes, then smiled. Finally! He smiled! "Obrigado Neo. (Thank you Neo.)" He said warmly. I smiled back. "Não há de quê. (You're welcome.)" I said. He nodded, then his smile slowly faded. Oh, come on! "Você vai parar de se preocupar com ela! (Will you stop worrying about her!)" I scolded. Then he slapped his arms to his side and stomped his foot like a kid pouting. "Sinto Muito! Eu simplesmente não posso! (I'm sorry! I just can't!)" He shouted back in an annoyed tone.

I sighed at him and facepalmed. Can you just CHILL for once!?! I don't know how to convince him...She WILL come back. I know this.

Then he walked to his bed, sat down, and put his face in his hands stressfully. I rolled my eyes and sat next to him. He soon gave a muffled and frustrated growl. Woah, he is NOT ok...He is really beating himself up over this. Then he looked over at me with a depressed face and said "Eu me senti como eu bagunçar...como se fosse minha culpa...(I felt like I messed it was my fault...)" I gave him a look of disbelief that was partly sympathetic. Please don't make me compassionate and sorry for you...

Aaaaaannnd it's too late...Ugh, come here. I patted his back softly while he continued to frown. "Pare de batendo-se. Não sei como mais lhe dizer. (Stop beating yourself. I don't know how else to tell you.)" I told him, shaking my head slowly. He shortly nodded and replied "Como? (How?)"

I shrugged. "Eu não sei. Faça algo que você gosta. (I don't know. Do something you like.)" I said. He hesitated, then looked at the floor. "Não posso quando estou estressado. (I can't when I'm stressed out.)" He told me. Oh my Time Goddesses...You are the most hopeless furball I have ever seen in my entire life. "O que fazer de goseria fazer? (What do you like to do?)" I then asked him, now getting as frustrated, but for a different reason. He didn't respond. He has no hobbies?!? Wow...

I thought for a moment, then got an idea. I know something that will HOPEFULLY distract him and/or make him have fun. "Venha comigo. (Come with me.)" I said, then grabbed his arm and tugged him along, making the hat fly off his head. "Onde estamos indo?!? (Where are we going?!?)" He questioned. Actually, wait..."Primeiro, coloque roupas diferentes. (First, put on different clothes.)" I told him, stopping dead in front of the door. I am NOT getting that perfect outfit ruined from this activity.

I got out work clothes (not Time Sweeper clothes) that were already scruffy and held them out in front of him to put them on. He looked at them with a slightly concerned face, but didn't question me and put them on. It was a dark teal shirt with dark red pants and grey boots. They already had stains, so they're just right for this activity. We will have fun. It's not so much different from our job. Once he got it on and I got different clothes on, we went out the door.

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