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"It's your favorite person Little Dhampir!"

I sighed and opened the door

" What Adrian Im kinda busy?" " I've come to win your heart! I want you Rose"                                          " Adrian I don't like you that way, I've told you."

"What the fuck is so perfect about the Cradle Robber! What can he give you that I can't!"

" He's not a Cradle Robber, and he can give me actual love, not I want you for your body!"

He punched the wall  " Dammit Rose! Why can't you just accept me! I've given you gifts, flowers! What is so wrong!"

" I don't love you! That's what's wrong! It's not that I can't it's that I don't! This isn't like some Twilight novel where I have to choose between Edward or Jacob! It's not Dimitri or Adrian! It me and who I love and you aren't who I love. So please leave I have to finish packing for Russia!"

" Your going to Russia?" great he's pissed " Let me guess you're going with him!" he practically spat "WHY!?"

" I'm going with him and my father! You want to know why! Because I just had mt mother criticise me then tell me she never wanted me after I told her everything that I left bottled up for years! SO GET OUT!" He looked  like he wanted to say something but I didn't care I shoved him out the room and finished packing. Time to see Lissa.

I knocked on her door and she answered when she saw my bag she paled.

" Don't worry Lissa, my father came and Dimitri and I are going to Russia to get away from all the trouble for a bit. I'll be back whenever Baba feels it's apropriate. "

" Rose why have you been crying?  Did something bad happen? "

" My mother told me she never wanted me ,  that it was to late for an abortion. "

She gasped and pulled me into a hug " Oh Rose,  I'm so sorry. And what's a Baba? " 

She knows how to make me laugh " It's Turkish for daddy. I found out who my father is.  Abe Mazur. "

Christian who hadbeen drinking soda choked " Abe Mazur is your FATHER?!? "

" Yes Christian that's what I said. Do you need to get your ears checked? "

"Whatever,  just stay safe Rose,  comeback feeling better. St Vlads just won't be the same without your quips. "  I laughed hugged Lissa,  threw a book at Christian and went back to my room. 

To find Adrian on my bed,  in boxers.  

"Get out. " he looked at me " Oh Rose I'm not leaving till I get what I want. "

"No Adrian LEAVE! " I pulled the end if my phone out of my purse and put it in speaker. I called Dimitri's number. The call volume was on low so Adrian couldn't hear. 

"What do you want Adrian? "

" I want you to sleep with me Rose. Make love me Little Dhampir. I can show you want incredible things. " 

"No Adrian,  leave before I  have to hurt you. I can have fifty guardians onsite in less than two minutes. "

He sighed " Guess we're doing this the hard way." He looked into my eyes. " Rose you want to sleep with me. Forget Dimitri only  me. "

Compulsion. This bitch!, 

" Really Adrian!  Your so desperate for my innocence that you have to try and compel me then rape me. "

"In getting what I wantRose. " he lunged and knocked over my lamp. " STOP! " I knew Dimitri was coming when my purse stopped glowing. Adrian had managed to hold me down and had started to strip me when Dimitri and my father bashed through the doors followed by Alberta,  Stan, Yuri, Celeste, and Emil.  

I had tears running down my cheeks because Adrian had raked his fangs across my chest abd there were no endorphins. The guardians immediately got him off me and I was soon stashed in Dimitri's arms. He grabbed the blanket off my bed and wrapped it around my shoulders.  Abe was beating the shit out of Adrian until Alberta pulled him off. 

"What di you think your doing to my daughter. " Adrian instantly paled.  Zmey is in action 

"I was un the process of helping Rose loose her virginity until you interrupted. "

"That's a lie Ivashkov she called me and I heard her repeatedly tell you to leave.  I think you should leave campus. So you don't try and take advantage if the other females."

"I'll leave campus,  but not before saying this. " he looked at the others ", Belikov and Rose are in a relationship and you think I'm bad? "

Alberta laughing replied "We know, the queen even allowed it.  We were going to tell them that they could go public but you knew they were together and yet you tried to rape Rose.  Get off campus Lord Ivashkov. If you fail to do so I will bring these matters to the queen. " Adrian left but not before glaring at me wrapped in Dimitri's arms. 

I grabbdd my bag and pulled on a tank top. 

"Did he hurt you Rose? "Alberta looked every bit a mother when she asked this 

I shook my head " He succeeded in removing my shirt but he didn'get very far. " she nodded and soon we decided to drop the subject. 

An hour laterDimitri,  Dad and I were on the plane to Russia. 

I pulled out my headphones and what a surprise a sing that perfectly describes my situation Haunted  by Evanescence played. 

Great... A song with the lyrics

Watching me,  wanting me.                                                I can feel you pull me down.                                            Saving me,  raping me.                                                        Watching me

So describing my life.  House later we landed to refuel and we were back on track to Russia. 

To the keys if my past. 

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