Breath-Taking Stranger

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“Jason can you please come over?”

Voicemails. Why were phones invented if you called for someone only to talk to a machine? Great,

now my best friend is going to think I'm desperate. I feel so alone, I need something, someone.

“Geeze, Allison when will you get a life?” I could ask myself a hundred times over and I'm still

hopeless. Technically, its not my fault that I have a man's voice in my head, or is it? Actually, its quite

insane. I have a uncontrollable tendency to have crazy wild sexy with a voice.

Wonderful. I'm fucking crazy.

Allison? You are not crazy.

“Oh really? Then why the hell can I hear you in my head?” I screamed through the darkness of my

room. This so called man has not even given me his name. I have made up a list, and it's doesn't

include his name. One, he talks to me through my mind. Two he had a incredibly sexy voice. Three, he's completely controlling and arrogant.I can't believe this shit, maybe I just need help. All my friends don’t have time and I feel incomplete some how.

Allison were chosen for me. Yes, I talk to you telepathically. I would not be able to talk to you if you were not chosen or one of my think I have a sexy voice?

“Would you please stop talking to me!!” My mind was on overdrive. I didn't know what to think

anymore. This man, he makes me Like I'm in the middle of a volcano and I need to blow

some steam off, with him. I can't even control how I'm feeling it just happens. I get wet..down there,

my nipples become hard peaks that could probably cut glass, and I need release so bad that is not

human. I would do it. Fuck him and get it over with. Just once so this would all go away. Now why

haven’t I? “That's a whole other story.” sighing to myself.

Her eyes fascinated me from the start. Then I knew it was her. My mate, my life. It was like a

plundge to the heart. I don't know what came over me all of a sudden, but it was strong. And it was

demanding. Never has such a powerful feeling came over me, not in my centuries of living. If you

call it living. The men I called my brothers betrayed me, left me for dead. They were the part of my

life that kept me going, and never straying to the dark side. I was different from the others, stronger,

more fierce.  She would think me crazy if I tried to talk to her and tell her she was mine and I had

thousand of enemies who want me dead. We are but strangers. But I watch her at night, talk to her

in her dreams. I've made one blood transfusion, I needed to bond with her so bad. The blood in her

veins, just her smell. Everything was as they explained it only better. Now that I can communicate

with her, maybe she'll belive me just a dream. I'll find a way, I have too. Because we are but


I need you. Come to me tonight.

Please I cannot wait any longer Allison, meet me somewhere.

My heart raced but my reply was no. Funny thing is I knew he knew I was lying. Even as I said those

words I knew I wasn't being true to myself. He first came to me in my dream, and I felt like an addict,

I wanted the dream to last forever. Only thing is, how did he enter my dreams, and how is he real?

I'm going to meet up with this mystery man and put a stop to this once and for all. There is only one

way I can think of doing it.

 I'm going to seduce him, a total stranger.

Meet me at the Ritz at 9. Don't be late either.

If you are late, don’t contact me. EVER. Not a damn whisper.

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