Chapter 16: Inside the mind

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“U-Uh…s-sure?” He stuttered. I had to laugh at him, “Sorry I couldn’t tell you man. Wait! Does this mean you’re not my genie anymore?!” I asked her in alarm. She gave me a sheepish look, “About that,…that wasn’t true. I had to tell you that so it would lessen the chance of me getting passed around.” I rolled my eyes at her, “All you had to do was ask me not to tell or explain to me why I shouldn’t.” Corbin waved his arms around to gain our attention, “Um hello?! I’m kind of freaking out right now!” He said with a large breath.



We turned back to him as we both sighed, “C’mon…the tree house can wait. Let’s go inside to explain everything that has happened.” I said a little reluctant. This was going to take awhile.





Chapter 16:



Gordon’s POV:



It had taken a good hour to explain everything to Corbin. He sat back on my bed since I didn’t want Jenna to overhear. He was staring wide-eyed at Isis with his mouth hung open. “No. Freaking. Way.” He said slowly and shook his head. But I knew he couldn’t deny it. I mean, he saw her evaporate before his very eyes, and he saw floating objects! You can’t really just brush that off.




“I know, but its not like I meant to find her…but, I’m glad I did.” I finished looking at her, making her blush slightly. It made me smirk in return. She was too easy. Corbin made a gagging sound and shook his head, “This is too…wow, I just can’t wrap my head around it.” He muttered making me roll my eyes, “Just go with it.” I shrugged in return. He chuckled but didn’t sound humorous, “So…can I see the lamp?” He suddenly asked excitedly.



“No!” Isis exclaimed making both of us look at her. She bit her lip and fiddled with her fingers, “He could take it from you, then I’d become his genie!” She harshly whispered at me. She wasn’t quiet enough though making Corbin give her a genuine hurt look, “Isis…Gordon’s like my brother. I wouldn’t do that to him. Now that I’m over the shock of things…I think seeing some genie things would be cool.” I knew he was being honest since he didn’t scratch his nose like he does when he lies.



“I’m sorry Corbin…past experiences have made me wary of some things.” Isis said with an apologetic sigh. Corbin waived it off, “No, it’s alright. Hey! How old are you?” He asked with a grin. I hit his shoulder with a scowl, “Dude! You don’t ask a girl that!” I exclaimed. Last time I asked, it was when I was six. Never asked again. It was Christmas and my Aunt made a comment about T.V. back in her day was black and white. I had asked her just how old was she and well…she burst into tears saying how she’ll never get a man at her age.

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