The Feast Of The Dead

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A well-manicured hand emerged from the bed covers striking blindly and repeatedly until

the snooze button was found and deactivated. A long yawn escaped from a young

woman's mouth followed by a pair of olive skinned arms stretching out from under the

covers. The thud of her feet could be heard stomping on the floor as she sat at the edge of

her bed wondering what she had done in a previous life to deserve this. She looked down at

her painted toenails and thought of changing the strawberry colour to watermelon, she

rolled her deep brown eyes before standing up. She wanted to do nothing but stay home,

she had just had a nasty breakup with her boyfriend Rami and knew that by the time she

got to college she would be bombarded with hundreds of questions.

She unhurriedly made her way into the bathroom, the shower pipe rattled slightly when

she turned the hot water on. She examined her face intensely for any spots before slipping

off her rather short and revealing silk pyjamas, she breathed in the steam from the hot

water before slightly adjusting it with the cold.

After her shower, she brushed her teeth and started the process of making herself look

presentable for college. "Thana," she heard her mom shouting from downstairs, "you are

going to be late!" Thana had just finished drying her hair and was looking for something to

wear when her door swung open. "Dad!" she shouted at him to which he over dramatically

shielded his eyes, "I'm leaving in five minutes if you want me to drop you." He explained

before shutting her bedroom door. Thana looked out the window at the rain before looking

at the temperature on her phone. Her weather app showed it was four degrees out, "better

dress appropriately for the weather then" she mumbled to herself.

She jumped slightly as a raven smacked into the windowpane. She opened the window and

looked down to the ground. It lay stunned, its foot was jerking slightly before its wings

spread out and seemingly died. Thana closed the window and got dressed, she could hear

her father leaving while walking down the stairs. "Where is he going?" she complained

running towards the front door, but he had already pulled off.

"He told you he was leaving in five minutes," her mom simpered. Thana shrugged her

shoulders and picked up her bag by the door. "You do realise that its cold outside?" Her

mother asked looking at the short dress her daughter was wearing. "Beauty knows no

boundaries Mother," she kidded picking up her jacket. "Eat something!" her mother

jestfully pleaded raising her hands in the air as Thana walked out the door.

Her skin burned slightly from the cold, she connected her headphones to her phone and

played Lana Del Rey - Love as she walked to college. Thana looked up towards the Black

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