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{3rd person}

"Attention everyone!" Yui yelled.

Kirito, Sinon, Lisbeth, and Silica were listening.

Yui pointed at a map. "This is where Daddy and Mommy fought Kagachi the Samurai Lord two days ago."

Yui flew over a bit towards another part of the map. "And this is where mommy battled last night. Let me plot the locations where the other nine monsters showed up. I'm now overlaying the Aincrad map."

"The places where the boss monsters appeared overlap with the dungeon in old Aincrad!" Lisbeth exlaimed.

" To be precise, these are the closest parks and plazas to the coordinate that overlap with the dungeon. I can anticipate that tonight at nine, one will appearf in Yebisu Garden Place in Shibuya!"

Kirito leaned forward in his chair at the map.

"If we know in advance where the boss is going to be, I can join too!" Yui explained.

"Do you think everyone will be alright?" Sinon questioned.

"As long as I'm with you guys, I'll be fine!" Lisbeth smiled.

"Im going to pass this AR battle." Kirito said as he sighed.

"What? Are you that bad at AR battles?" Liz gave him a frown.

"A bit." Kirito muttered.

"Can't be helped then." Liz shrugged.

"Bike..." Silica muttered and Sinon gave her a slight glare because she wanted to ride with Kirito on his motorcycle too.

"All right! Let's show Yuna our veteran party play!" Liz said as she wrapped her arms around Sinon and Silica both.

"Sucks Klein is gonna miss it." Sinon said.

"Yeah..hes still in the hospital." Liz murmured looking sad.

"Theres gonna be a meator shower me, momma and papa are going to!" Yui said aloud, but Kirito and Sinon both tried to quiet her.

Silica looked confused and Liz pouted.

Liz stood up and started to go over the battle plan for the three.

Kirito excused himself and Yui followed him outside.


"Yes, daddy?" She asked politely.

"About going to see the stars...were keeping it a secret from the others." He tried to explain nicely.

"Im so sorry!" Yui apologized. She pouted adorably and Kirito chuckled.

"Well anyway, could you send the bosses' location data to my cell later?" I ask.

"Yes I'll be sure to do that!" Yui saluted all cute like.


I logged out of ALO and took off my AmuSphere. I quickly decided to call Klein, but no answer. I hope he was doing alright.

I sent Agil a text to see how Klein was doing.

I was making some noodles in the kitchen. Luckily for once not eating Suguha's salads. It's a little breather.

My phone started to go off and I noticed it was a video chat with Shino.

"Hey, Kazuto. What are you having for lunch?" She asked over the chat.

"Pasta. Least for today. That's all this cooking app I'm using suggests." I say shrugging a little.

"Seriously. Your diet is going to be so unbalanced." Shino scolded me which made me laugh a little.

"Then make me a ragout rabbit stew again sometime, okay?"

"That's not going to be easy." Shino laughed.

I took the tablet and and my noodles over to the table with a drink.

"Hey, Kazuto..about that ghost you mentioned this afternoon. You asked if I heard stories like that in Yoyogi park."

"Oh right." I barely said while I'm eating.

"I did some digging afterwards. This didn't happen in Yoyogi park, but lately there are rumors among the players about the ghost girl wearing a hoodie." She explained.

" is that so?"

"Wait did you see her too?" She questions in surprise.

"Of course not!" I lied. "And I'm sure the people who said they saw her must've mistaken an NPC for her."

"You really think so?" She asks looking disappointed.

"Oh, Hey! The tent and sleeping bags I have look useable!" I tried to change the subject with her.

"Thanks! Thank goodness you had some outdoor gear at your place! Tell your father thank you for me!" Shino said happily.

"Yeah, sure." I replied.

"I can't wait to see the meteor shower! " Shino smiled.



I met up with Liz and Silica for a raid battle and Yui was with us.

Yuna appeared on a stage and started to sing. I look up to also see Eiji watching not only over Yuna, but as closely as well.

After we all defeated one boss, a small blue dragon appeared.

"Pina!" Silica said in surprise. She rushed over to it, but it started to grow larger into a dark looking dragon with red eyes.

It was about to attack Silica, but I ran over to her and shielded her taking  a massive hit.

I look right over wide eyed at the dragon and had a sudden flashback when I risked my life to save Kazuto back in SAO...when Heathcliff struck me instead of Kazuto.


I was on my bike going faster than I should. I just had a bad feeling something was gonna happen to Shino and I didn't like it.


I finally got to the park and saw Shino was knocked out cold in Silica's arms.

"Sinon-san..please wake so sorry..." Silica cried. Liz was knelt next to them as well.

"Shino..." my eyes started to water. Shino's eyes slowly opened and she started to cry.

I clutched my fists tightly and started to walk over to Eiji.

"What the hell did you do to her?!" I demanded, but Eiji took out his sword holding it straight at my neck.

He just smirked and walked off.

I walked back over to Shino and scooped her into my arms.

"Hang in there, Shino..." I muttered.

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