Drunk in Love

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Note: This is a GxG imagine.

I was having a terrible day right now. It really sucks when you can't reach people's expectations at you even you did what you can do about it.

I met up with one of my coworker for a small gathering they say but it only means that we are going to some club or somewhere we can get drinks.

The day goes till the night came and I was getting ready for the gathering we are having. As I drive my way through the city, I see some people walking with someone by their side or we call couples. I hate does. Bitter it may sound but I prefer to be single as long I can do shit and can be happy. Until I reached the club, as the bouncer open the door the strong smell of liquor hits my nostrils and sweaty bodies everywhere can be seen.

I tried to push through till I saw my friends and coworkers waving at me.

"Hey! Y/N, here!" They keep on waving at and I just gave them a smile so they'll know that I saw them already.

The night took over at the place, I was not really a fan of liquors because of some negative memories from it but I still drink socially, just never too much.

Then later on I realized everyone is all drunked already, some are even sleeping so, I felt a bit bored and thought that I needed some fresh air from this druken place.

As I walk through the sidewalk I saw a tall brunette walking towards me with her messy hair blocking my view of her face and it seems like she is drunk --- just look at her walk she looks like she is experiencing earthquake by herself. Then I saw her falling to the ground and I quickly move to prevent it to happen and thank God I catched her before she hit the floor.

As I tried to lift her up, I heard some murmurs coming from her but I can't understand what she was saying or if she is even talking. I looked for somewhere I can put her down because damn she is a bit heavy. So, I called a cab and went straight to my apartment. At least there its safe and I can give her what she needs till she is sober.

After the cab ride, I lift her up again till we reached my front door I put her in a sitting position with the wall supporting her back so she can rest while I look for my keys. As I open the door I felt someone grab my left arm and when I turned around I saw the tall brunette looking at me directly.

"You. Do you know who I am?" She said pointing her index finger at my face as her tone say that she challenging me "w-where are we?" She continue as she slurred the words.

"Oh you are awake" I said as I gave her a warm smile "ah, you seem familiar but no, and to your question where in my apartment" I continued

Then she pushed me as I hit the jamb of the door, "I AM FUCKING KENDALL NICOLE JENNER" she said as she raised her voice at me but I got so caught off guard on how close we are then she moved closer to me and cried, "You know... Everything hurts so bad, like how dare he leave me" she spoke as she keeps on and on about him and her stupid boyfriend. I did not really care really but I think she needs it so we keep the same position until she said, "You know, I feel so numb right now... W-what if I kiss you? Would I feel anything?"

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