Chapter 9 ~ 6th of January 2007

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⚠️Warning: The following thing happened in real life and may be really triggering⚠️

This day started exciting, but ended in something that's even worse than a total disaster.

It was the first day of school again after the vacation. I couldn't sleep the night before because I had nightmares. Despite that I wasn't tired at all.

I went to school. It was pretty cold outside. When I walked inside the classroom I saw Demi. I immediately ran up to her and gave her a hug. "Happy new year, Demi! How was your New Year's Eve?" I asked. "Amazing! And yours?" "Well, me and my brother had fun. It was a bit awkward, but I liked it." Demi laughed. Suddenly Sarah and Kayla stood next to us. "Move." Sarah said. "No? We're standing here. Bye." I said. Demi sighed. "Why are you sighing? Getting tired of yourself? Yeah, you should be." Kayla said. Demi and I walked to the two tables in the back of the class. "They are still the same.." I said. Demi nodded. "And they still have no reason for it.." She said. Then the lesson started.

In the break we went outside to 'our' table. The table next to the basketball field. "Shanon, I got really exciting news a few days ago." Demi said with a big smile. "What's it?" I asked. "Remember I had a role as 'Angela' in Barney And Friends?" I nodded. "Ever since I've been doing auditions for several things. Also for the series 'As The Bell Rings'. For Disney Channel." Demi said. My eyes got bigger. "And now the best news: I got the part of Charlotte!" "Omg, Demi.. Are you serious?! That's so cool!" Demi got a big smile on her face. "Yeah! I'm so happy! But.. It means that I have to skip school very often." She said with a less bigger smile than before. "Why?" I asked. "Well, we have to shoot all the episodes. They said it'll air in August or something like that." Demi said. "Oh, right.." I said and sighed. "What's wrong?" Demi asked. "School is no fun without you.." I said. Demi was thinking. "Maybe I can call the people of that series if you can come with me a few times? Then you can skip school with a reason and then you're with me." She said. "If you can do that.. That'd be amazing!" I said. "I'll try to do my best." Demi said. I laughed. "Are you planning on doing more auditions even though you got the part of Charlotte?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm planning on auditioning for the upcoming series 'Jonas'." Demi said. "As in the Jonas Brothers?!" I asked with big eyes. "Yeah, they announced they'll do a series somewhere in 2008/2009." Demi said. She took a sip from her drink. "You have such a cool life. Auditioning for the most fun series on Disney Channel, having the voice of an angel, everything." I said. "Well, my life isn't that different from yours. I just love to act, so my mom takes the time to drive me to several auditions." Demi said and she started laughing. Then the bell rang. "Time for maths.." I said. Demi sighed.

When we walked inside the classroom we saw Kayla and Sarah looking at us. They started laughing. Demi walked to the tables in the back, but I didn't move. I saw Sarah putting something in her pocket. It was a piece of paper. Sarah looked around with a mysterious smile. Without saying anything I walked to the table next to Demi. "Is everything all right?" She asked. "Yeah, yeah. It's just..-" I looked from Sarah to Demi. "Nothing. Everything's all right.." I said. I grabbed my stuff out of my bag and started drawing. "Okay.." Demi said. The lesson started.

It was silent in the class. We had to make a few exercises to make sure we'd understand what we were doing with maths. I looked up from my work. I saw that Kayla whispered something in Sarah's ear. She started laughing and grabbed something out of her pocket. It was the piece of paper from earlier. She gave it to Kayla and she wrote something on it. Then something happened.

Kayla gave the piece of paper to Sarah and she passed it on to Jerry, who was next to Paul. Jerry opened the paper. You could see he didn't expect the paper to come, because he looked at Sarah with big eyes. Sarah smiled and signed that he had to write on it. I wondered what was written on it. After a few minutes Jerry finally wrote something on it. The paper got passed around through the whole class. Till someone gave it to Demi. And this is where everything went wrong.

Demi opened it. I looked at her. With big eyes she read the paper and looked at me. I still didn't know what was going on. I saw tears coming out of Demis eyes. She threw the paper on the ground, stood up, took her stuff and ran out of the class. Startled I looked at Sarah and Kayla who gave each other a high five and started laughing. I grabbed the paper from the ground. I couldn't believe it.

Suicide Petition for Demi.
Sign this if you want Demi to kill herself :)

And the list kept going. Then my eye caught something horrible. At the very end of the list there was one sentence. One sentence that'd ruin everything. It actually already did.

This petition is made by Shanon Brooks.

I took my stuff and ran towards the door. "Sarah, Kayla, you two are absolutely sick." I said with tears in my eyes. I smashed the door and ran through the school to search for Demi. Eventually I saw her walking towards the exit of the school. "Demi! Demi, wait!" Demi stopped walking. She turned around. "Demi, listen. I-" "No, you need to listen. I thought you were my friend. I thought I had your back, that you cared about me and that you promised to never let me down. You even found out about secrets I never told to anyone. I thought you were different. I guess I was wrong, you lied. You never gave up on Kayla and Sarah. You just acted like we were friends, but in fact you wanted to find the right moment to literally break me. You're just as evil as they are. Well, good job. You'll never see me again. You reached what you wanted. Goodbye forever, Shanon." Demi said with tears in her eyes. She ran way. "Demi, no! Wait! I-" I tried to say. It was too late. Demi was gone. I broke down in tears. I knew this would never be the same anymore. The trust, the faith.. Everything Demi thought of me.. It was gone. All because of two of the worst people on the whole world. I walked up to the window. I saw Demi sitting on the ground against the wall. She was calling with someone. I looked at her for a moment. And then I realised something.

I didn't deserve a person as Demi. Demi is too good, too beautiful to be my friend. She deserves a lot better than me.

Ten minutes later Demi stood up and walked towards a car. She got in the car and the car disappeared.

I guess that was it. Demi would never EVER be friends with me anymore. Again I broke down in tears.

I already miss her..

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