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Kendall POV

"Ahahaha you know what you're so funny, me, stalker? really?" Then I let down my hood for her to see who am I. "Do I still look like a stalker?" I ask her but she's just looking at me like she does not know me at all. "Seriously don't you know me?" Is she for real? Is she living in a cave or what?

"Nope. But you seems to be familiar, I think I saw you before" is she joking right now? Not that I'm so full of my self but seriously my face is like all over the billboards and whatsoever

"i really think i saw you somewhere, have we met before? Cause you look like my future girlfriend?" what did she just said? What the fu- my thoughts has been interrupted by a flash of a camera

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA you should have seen your face, your face is so priceless "she said between laughters "look at this" she said showing me her phone "you look like you have seen a ghost or perhaps a naked person" she said while wiping her tears still laughing

"OH NO! You're are so dead, GIVE ME THAT, I look like a potato there for goodness sake, delete that" I look like shit in the picture, I'm taller than her maybe 2 inches but still i can't reach her phone, she's too fast

"No you're not, you actually look cute here" she said but I'm still gonna delete that

"NO I'M NOT, Now give me that!" I'm about to get it then she put her phone at her back then I finally reached it but our face are so close, like super close and our body are just few centimeters apart, it's like I'm hugging her because her phone is on her back and I'm holding it. Shit shit shit what do I do, i can feel her breath and she's staring at me, she's leaning closer and closer...RING*RING*" her phone rang. Then she step backwards and answer the phone.

What just happen? Is she about to kiss me?


RING*RING* I stepped backwards and answered the call "What's taking you so long? Where the f*ck are you now kiddo?" Jay says

"I didn't see any parking lot around there so I ended up parking in the playground, but I'm on my way there" i said while looking at this stranger stalker girl who happen to be Kendall Jenner, well I'm shock at first ofcourse, but I just don't want it to be a big deal, but she really is  indeed dead gorgeous, like really she's like an angel without wings. it just happen that she's also cute when she's flustered that's why I pretend that I don't know her but for some other reason I just don't wanna be involve with famous people, not anymore...

"Well make it fast you dumbass, we still need to do some rehearsal" jay said interrupting my thoughts  "yeah I'll be there in a minute" then i hung up and look at kendall who is still flustered

"Well Ms.stranger x stalker I need to go now or else my friend will kill me" I said and waved her goodbye.

"don't you really know me?" She ask again. But I just smile at her and still pretending not to know her

"bye stranger" I said and walked away without even glancing back

"hey I didn't get your name!" She shouted but I just shake my head smiling by myself and continue walking.

It's better not to know me Kendall. Let's just remain stranger.

I was on my way on the back of the building, I'll be entering at the back stage since the place is really packed, like how the hell did Jay manage to be in this event, our band is not that well known to be performing in a huge crowd but I'm thankful cause I don't need to worry about my rent this month.

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