A Different Kind of Love

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Hi everyone!  This is my first story on Wattpad.  I've been in love with writing ever since I was at a young age.  I hope you enjoy this story (and hopefully more to come)!  :) xx


The concrete was becoming harder to walk on- the slippery pavement causing me to lose my balance countless of times- as the rain poured down heavily.  I was making my way to school like I did every day from Monday to Friday, hoping the next couple of hours would speed by quickly.

My name is Scarlet Mae Jennings and I am a junior in highschool.  I have waist lengthed light brown hair, and light green eyes.  I am 5'6 and I weigh 127 lbs.  I have some freckles, and a small Marilyn Monroe freckle on my left cheek, right next to my nose.  

At school, I was your average, everyday student that didn't have many friends.  Well, I have friends, but no more than three.

Bree, a junior like me, has been my first friend ever since I moved to Beatrice, Alabama, a very small town with a population of 384.  She's quirky, hilarious, and especially sarcastic. 

Keegan, a senior, met me right after I met Bree.  They both live on my street, so we became friends fast.  He's a fun guy, with many characteristics and he knows how to make you laugh, just like Bree. 

Last, but not least, Jane.  Jane is an oddball, that's for sure.  She goes to my school along with Bree and Keegan, but I've noticed that she inconspicuously buries her head in a notepad 24/7.  It makes me wonder what she writes--or draws-- in there.  She is nonetheless my friend, though. 

I first moved here in 2009, and when I did, it was hard to get to know people.  The state I last lived in was California, and I lived there my entire life.  Having to say goodbye to my dozens of friends was completely unbearable, to say the least.  I talk to them occasionally, but not as much as I would prefer.

"Watch where you're going!" A voice spat at me, and before I knew it, I collided with someone and fell to the ground.  I groaned as the pain reached my temples.  Rubbing them til' the pain ceased, I looked up to see the person standing up.  He was tall, standing about six feet high.  His dark choclate brown hair cascaded beneath his ears, curling slightly at the ends.  His face was heartshaped, and quite masculine, his cheekbones high.  His eyes- though- made something in my body turn and make loops.  The color was a mix of green and-- yellow?-- and brown.  'My God, he's beautiful,' I thought to myself.

He dusted himself off, then looked at me without expression.  He gave me his hand, in which I took, and then lifted me up from the ground.  "Sorry, I didn't mean to-" He rudely interrupted, saying, "-- Didn't mean to what? Not look what was in front of you?" I stared at him in bafflement as he stared back at me, sending daggers with his eyes.  And then he left.

He walked right past me and when I turned around to watch him leave, not once did he turn around.  "Great," I mumbled quietly, "This day is going to be amazing.  I can just feel it." 

Once inside Chemistry class, I sat next to Keegan, as I always did, and began to open my backpack, and pulling out my textbook.  "Morning, Keegan," I say, flipping through the pages to where I last read, and pulled out the homework that bookmarked it.  "Is there a new guy at school?  He doesn't look familiar, and he wasn't friendly at all.  We bumped into each other and--" I looked to my right and there was something missing.


Looking dumbfounded, a blush creeped to cheeks and I immediately looked back down to my book.  Only seconds later, did I smell that familar smell of aftershave.  I smirked as I looked to Keegan, who sat- more like plopped- down on his chair.  "Mornin'," said Keegan, the deepness of his voice giving me goosebumps.  His voice never failed to make the hairs on my arm rise in amazingingness.  "Hello to you, too." I laugh and scoot closer to him, our arms brushing slightly.  "Is there a new kid at school?" I say to him right when he goes, "Who's that new guy?" We both smile and I blush again. 

"Whoever he is, he's a total jerk." Keegan nodded silently, not really paying attention.  Soon, class started and the day went back to normal.  When the bell rang, I couldn't wait to go to my next class.  English.

Walking down the hall, and going up the stairs, I find the door to my English class, and enter, not expecting it to be completely empty.  My eyes droop to the sight of no one there.  'Why isn't anyone here?'.

"I'm sorry, Scarlet, but English class is canceled today.  You have one free period, so use it wisely." I turn to my left and see Mr. Helms, the English teacher, walking towards me.  My eyebrows furrow in curiosity.  "Why is it canceled?" I ask.  He shakes his head and smiled sympathetically.  "I am deeply sorry to say that I have a very important doctor's appointment in the next five minutes." "Oh," I say, completely saddened.  "Well, alright." I give him a weak smile and walk down the stairs, reaching the first floor, and coming face to face with Bree.

She squealed when she saw me, and I've gotten to get used to it by now.  "Scarlet, you won't believe what just happened!" I raise my eyebrows in curiosity while I walk towards Study hall, Bree trailing right beside me.  "There's this new guy at school and while I was making my way to Bio, he pushed me out of the way to get to the door first and I'm all like," she makes a face, "and he still didn't turn around to say sorry.  I mean, like, what the hell is up with him?" I grin at her annoyance and shrug truthfully at her, reaching Study hall.  "I dunno', Bree.  I think we might be talking about the same guy.  Brown hair? Pretty eyes?  Tall?" She nods.  "Yeah, well, he was pretty rude to me too, this morning." I turn to see an empty chair, just silently calling my name.  "Well, I need to study for a test.  See you around, babe?" I winked playfully at her, and she winked back.  "See ya around, babe!" She turned on her heel and began walking away.

I walk over to the chair and was about to sit myself down when New-Guy made himself comfortable by claiming it first.  "Hey, I was going to sit there." I tell him. 

He looks up at me, a bored expression on his face, and looks back down, as if he didn't hear me.  Now slightly irritated, I tap him hard on shoulder, trying to get his attention.  But he grabbed my hand in a swift motion, and pulled me to him, our lips only an inch apart.

We stayed like that for a couple seconds, but it seemed like minutes to me.  He searched my eyes and then let go of my hand.  He got up out of the seat and walked away in a rush.  He walked right past me and when I turned around to watch him leave, not once did he turn around.


Okay so that was it!  I hope you enjoyed that part. :D <3


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