Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

I found the girls waiting for me in the parking lot making jokes about each other. But when they noticed me walking towards them, they came to a halt. Especially since I was crying my eyes out. So much for not crying...

"Oh darling what happened?" Rachel asked. 

June rushed to hug me while Kate patted my head; awkwardly might I add.

In between my tears I muttered, "Ibrokeupwithkadefornathan"

"What now?" Rachel looked confused as the rest of my friends.

"I broke up with Kade because I realized during my English class that I have feelings for Nathan but it's too late already because he's going out with the school's bitch, Savannah and I was making plans to seduce him but now I don't think its a good idea because if he didn't want me before what makes me think he will want me now?" and once again allowed myself to cry.

"Well damn" Kate said, "Lucky for us ladies, we don't need men!"

The girls glared at Kate.

"What she means Adrielle, is that there are plenty of fish in the sea" said Leah.

"Why would she want to date a fish?" June asked and made a disgusted face.

I giggled. 

"Let's go, we can figure something out while drinking some hot chocolate with marshmallows, your favorite Adrielle." I smiled and agreed with Rachel.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows is always the solution to everything :)


It didn't take long for us to get to my house and into my room. We all sat in a circle in the floor of my room. We all drank hot chocolate and kept quiet for a while. 

I was the one who broke the silence, "I need a plan to seduce Nathan"

The girls started coughing and choking on their drink.

"Are you all okay?" I giggled.

They nodded. 

"Oooo maybe you should wear something very revealing?" June pipped in.

"Uh no" I shook my head, "I don't want him to fall for my looks only. I mean not that I'm good looking but uh...hopefully you guys know what I mean?"

"Adrielle we can't really tell you how to, we don't even know how to do that ourselves!" said Kate.

We all laughed.

And well yeah, she was right. None of them had a boyfriend...yet. 

"Okay maybe you don't but the internet does!" I said.

I quickly pulled out my laptop and searched up on Google, 

'How to seduce a bad boy.'

The following read:

1. Catch his eye

2. Don't be intimidated

3. Ignore him a little bit

4. Play hard to get

"I think I've done all of them but it seems like I ended up driving Nathan away from me..." I said. 

"Adrielle, then don't listen to that dumb article, create your own methods" June said proudly. 

That girl is something. I giggled at the thought.

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