a dramatic retelling

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Lift the curtains
and shine the light
on the beautiful child in white.

She starts off so young,
following the sight of her friends,
unaware they've already reached their ends.

Act one is finished.
She thinks she's done,
only to be told, "the show's just begun!"

Her father hands her a two-faced mask,
And her mother says, "it'll prove your worth,"
as the girl's face drains of mirth.

She says her lines while she follows the directions
as her mask forms her emotions for her,
but it only feels like a silencer.

Act two ends
only for her to feel older,
but hardly any bolder.

"How much longer?" she cries out as she is back on stage,
but she is alone,
all on her own.

The audience watches with steely gazes,
shouting names, calling out her mistakes.
she tries to fix herself but she's about to break.

Act three, act eleven, act sixteen,
by then her mask has gotten tougher
but she's only making herself suffer.

Act eighteen is when she slips again
for the first time in awhile,
she's lost her style.

She's losing it, she's losing her following
She tries and tries
through all her shady lies.

Her audience stops watching,
as she's played her cards all behind a facade,
there's nothing for the audience to do but applaud.

But they don't care about what was on the inside,
all they cared about
was the show she acted out.

quite cryptic, I know.
stuff has been going on lately.
got lazy a bit, really.
I have more, I promise.

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