Nico- Chapter 1

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The chapter names will be who's POV it is.
I blinked the sleep out of my eyes as I squinted at the sun over head.

I sighed and swung my legs over the side of my bed onto the plush carpeted floor.

"Another day trying to tell my father why I can't bear an heir for him..." I muttered under my breath to no one in particular.

I walked over to the door that led into my closet.
I grabbed what I usually wore as the Prince of the Moonstone Clan: a silvery-gray t-shirt with a dark gray over shirt and black dress pants. I slipped on my black shoes and went back into my chambers to brush my hair.

Not that it made a difference.

I looked at my reflection.
Pale skin, sunken cheeks, messy, almost shoulder-length raven hair, dark brown eyes. I certainly looked like my father.

I picked up my crown.
It was silver with a piece of Moonstone (obviously) inlaid in the shape of a crescent moon.

I placed it gently on my head and looked in the mirror again.
Same thing, but now with a crown on. I don't look like a natural born leader.

I fade into the shadows without trying, my voice is rarely heard or listened to, and I hate being the center of attention.

Yeah, I certainly don't look like the heir to the throne of the Moonstone Clan.

I took off my crown and set it back on its pillow. I don't even know why it has to be on a pillow. It's stupid.

I walked out my bedroom door and down the main staircase. It's big and made of grayish marble.

Everything in this stupidly huge palace is made of different shades of gray with the navy drapes and tablecloths.

I walked into the throne room where I found my father and step-mother.

"Morning Nico! I hope you've gotten all this foolish nonsense about not wanting to marry and have an heir out of your head." My father said as I walked over to my throne.

He was wearing his black robes, as usual. He looked a lot like me: pale skin, black hair, sunken cheeks. The only differences were that his eyes were black and his hair greasiest. He was also an inch or so taller than me.

My step-mother, however, looked nothing like me. She had caramel colored hair that went down to her waist and an actual skin tone that didn't make her look dead. She had lighter brown eyes and fuller cheeks. She always wore a silvery dress that had the faint pattern of the night sky on it. She was kind and accepted that I was gay. She smiled at me as I sat down.

"No, Father. I have not and will not get this so called "foolish nonsense" out of my mind because it's not about having an heir or not. It's about that I have never and will never felt any sort of romantic feeling towards any woman at all." I said, looking him straight in the eye, "How many times will I have to tell you that I'm gay for you to understand it?"

"The Sunstone Clan will be visiting today for the spring equinox celebration, when the sun and moon are perfectly balanced. I expect for you to have a lover by the end of it. It will last one week." He said, changing the subject, "They should be arriving within the next hour, so you best make sure you look presentable. And for gods sake go put on your crown."

I sighed and ran up the marble stairs to my room and grabbed my crown, placing it in my head as I went back downstairs.

I had just sat back down and smoothed my clothes when a trumpet sounded and a man walked in, clad in yellow and gold.

"King Apollo. Glad you could make it." My father said, shaking the man's hand.
The man smiled.

"Thank you for inviting us. May I introduce my son and heir, Will." He gestured behind him to a kid about my age.

He had tan skin covered in freckles, shaggy blond hair, and eyes of every shade of blue. He wore a white shirt a gold jacket. His pants were gold as well and his shoes were yellow.
He waved and gave an awkward, lopsided smile.

My gods he's hot, I thought.

(A/N: Yes, there are multiple gods. Don't worry it'll be explained later in the book)

"Pleased to meet you King Hades." He said, bowing.

My father shook his hand, then gestured to me.
"Then allow me to introduce my son and heir, Nico."

Will caught my eye and smiled, and for a moment, I spaced out, just lost in his eyes that were sky blue and at the same time cobalt.
I stood and bowed to King Apollo.

"Pleased to meet you King Apollo."
My father stood after I sat.

"Well, lets show you to your rooms. Nico, show Will to the chambers next to yours, he'll be staying there while he's here. Apollo, I can show you to your chambers..." He said, leading the other King off.

I turned to Will.

"One second, let me speak to my step-mother before we go."

He nodded.

I walked over to where my step-mother, Persephone, was still sitting. I referred to her as mother, because she was the closest thing I had ever had. My real mother died shortly after giving birth to me.

"Mother, may I speak to you?" I asked her.
She nodded and we walked over a ways from Will.

"What is it, my child?" She asked me.

"Two things. The way father worded his requirements for me...did you notice he only said 'lover', not 'wife' or 'girlfriend'? Do you think he's finally accepted me?"

She pursed her lips.

"I don't know. Your father has always been stubborn as a mule. He may be learning that he can't always decide everything for you."
I nodded.

"Second thing, I felt something I have never felt before when I first saw Will. I don't know what it was, but it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like I'd just drank a cup of hot cocoa."
Persephone smiled.

"That, my dear, you'll have to figure out on your own. I'm sorry. Now go take out guest to his chambers, before he gets impatient."

And with that she swept out of the room, leaving me with the heir to the Sunstone Clan.

"Well, lets get you to your chambers." I said, motioning for Will to follow me.
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And before you ask, yes I am making Hades VERY mildly homophobic in this, but only for the first few chapter or so. No abuse or fights or any of that stuff, but he is going to press VERY strongly for Nico to find a wife until he realizes Nico isn't just going through a phase.

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