The Survivors

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Ten teens, nine months, eight bullies, seven secrets, six confessions, five demons, four ships, three hotties, two best friends and one big lesson.

This is Katherine Quinn, the owner of a story - an unseen, unheard and inconsequential story - just like her, yet she hopes someday, someone will ask her to read it aloud. But who lives with fake hopes? Well, at least she doesn't.

Going to a high school known for its sophistication, expense, and dramas, Kate learned to mask her face, paint her bruises and live like the invisible pick of dust that no one bothers learning about. Her simple motto - Don't interfere in other's business and let no one interfere in your own - helped her survive the last three years of high school; but, what happens when certain circumstances cause the school's Trouble List to acknowledge her presence and her imperceptible identity starts to fade away?

❝Trust me, it gets worse.❞

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