Chapter 005: Communication

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         Will and Brynn were running through the woods at full speed, their feet thumping on the soft surface below them. The monster was right on their tail, and Brynn was still too weak to use her powers. They ran until their legs couldn't take it, then ducked behind a tree. The monster stopped running and walked slowly. Will picked up a few rocks and threw them over the monsters head, causing them to make noise as they hit the ground. The monster ran after the noises, and both kids ran back to the house. They went inside and sat on the couch. Both Will and Brynn were trying their best to stay awake, but failed, as they fell asleep in awkward, uncomfortable positions.

         Brynn woke up first the next morning, she had no dream the night before, which resulted in a peaceful slumber. She stood up and stretched, then remembered where they were and everything that had happened. She went back into Will's bedroom and saw a circle of lamps without shades around the bed. She hated to wake Will up, he needed rest as much as anyone else, probably more, but she had no choice. She ran back into the living room and shook Will.

"Will, wake up!" She said. He opened his eyes and looked at her.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Your Mom is trying to talk." At that point Will had shot off of the couch and went into his bedroom. They sat on the floor and held hands, and Brynn was once again, in Will's house. His mom was sitting on his bed, talking to the lamps. Will's older brother Jonathan came into the room and his mom started taking to the lamps, though Brynn couldn't hear them. She gently and quickly touched a lightbulb, causing it to blink. She didn't want to risk having another incident like they had the day before, so she didn't use a lot of power on the light. Just by Jonathan's facial expressions, Brynn could tell he didn't believe his mom. Brynn came back into the world with Will and looked at him.

"She knows it's you, Your brother doesn't believe her." Brynn said.

"He thinks she's-"

"Going crazy." Brynn said, finishing his sentence.

"Yeah." Will said. Brynn heard a small clinking noise, then went into the living room and saw several nails in the walls.

"Your Mom's doing something..." She stated. "Grab my hand."

       Will grabbed her hand and she was in his house. His mom was hanging Christmas lights all over. Brynn came back in to the world, and looked at Will.

"She's hanging Christmas lights." She said. "So we can talk."


"Yeah. They're literally ALL OVER THE PLACE." Brynn said.

There was a noise that came
from outside, it was that awful screech they'd heard surely a thousand times. The kids both looked at the door and then to each other. They both got up and ran back to Jonathan's room and hid in the closet. The monster walked into Will's room, despite probably knowing exactly where The children were. Brynn desided to follow it instead of possibly letting it cross over to the real world. She slowly crept behind the Monster and saw it, once again sticking its arm through the wall. The wall looked like the same rubbery substance it had the day before. She held her hand toward the Monster and it pulled its arm out of the wall and turned around. The Monster somehow faught its way through Brynn's powers and leap on top of her, knocking her to the ground.

"WILL!" She screamed as the monster opened its mouth and screeched in her face. She was panicking, and didn't even think about using her powers. Will grabbed an old bat and ran out toward the monster, then bashed it in the head. The monster stood up, giving Brynn time to move out of the way. The monster went for Will, so Brynn took charge. She jumped up in front of Will and held her hand toward the Monster, and screamed at the top of her lungs. There was a popping noise, then a bolt of electricity from nearly every light around them hit the monster, and it ran straight out the front door. Brynn fell on her knees, having used 90% of her power.

"Bry- 013, are you alright?!" Will asked, kneeling down to her level. Brynn nodded, and Will helped her to the couch in the living room.

"Tell me when you're strong enough to use your powers again, okay?"

"Okay." She said. They sat on the couch for a while, silent.

"I'm better now." Brynn said, standing up. "Hold my hand."

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