Chapter 29

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I immediately teleported to my house, a chilly draft entering as I landed there. Everything inside of me wanted to sit and take in all that was happening, but time was of the essence. I didn't know what Roman was doing to my child, where he had taken him, and I didn't even want to think of the worst. I was told demons couldn't die, but knowing Nadia, there was most likely a way.

In my recovered memory, I learned Ramsey was a demon hunter and no one hunts something as unkillable as a demon without death as an endgame in mind. Brushing the thought away, I teleported upstairs into Alesandro's room, wanting to try tracking him by his scent. Though Eli and the others already tried, I wanted to do it myself, so I could know for sure. Glancing around, I looked for an article of clothing with the strongest scent.

My peripheral caught something and I looked closely to see that it was Alesandro's book-bag. I frowned and walked closer, picking it up when I reached it. He had been at his grandparents' place for the past two days, so there was no way his book-bag would've been here, in the house.

I turned the bag over and dumped out the contents onto his bed, pencils and notebooks flying. A dull thud reached my ears and I spotted a phone resting on top of the pile of school supplies. Alesandro didn't have a phone. Picking up the phone tentatively, I inspected it, sniffed it, wrinkling my nose at the scent. It smelled like a rogue demon.

The light on the phone flashed and it turned on by itself, powering up until a video started to play. I gasped when I saw that it was a video of Roman, who was holding Alesandro around his midsection, like he was a sack of potatoes. Alesandro was flailing his arms and legs trying to hit the large man, but to no avail.

"Let me go!" Alesandro yelled, just as Roman was about to speak. Roman scowled and looked down at him as he walked, his long red hair looking like a flame as it flowed with his movements.

"Shut up, brat." Roman snapped and Alesandro looked up at him with the nastiest glare a five year old could muster. My chest tightened and I touched the screen, holding back the tears I could feel rushing forward just from seeing my son. Roman looked back at the camera and smiled. It was unnerving how much he looked like Ramsey. "Hey there, Alice. And yes, before you think it, I know it's you."

As Roman spoke, Alesandro kept whining in the background, and Roman kept having to adjust the way he was carrying him because Alesandro wouldn't stop moving. Finally, he turned into what looked like an alley and set Alesandro down, chanting something for a second before turning back to the camera.

"I just put a spell on him, so even if he tries to run away from me, he can only go so far. As I was saying, I know it's you." Roman continued. "Your husband is an idiot and wouldn't even think to look through your son's things. He'd probably start saying war, war, war. Royals are idiots." He shook his head and looked up, as if he heard something, but then turned his attention back to the lens. I just wanted him to show Alesandro again. "Your son is fine. I'm not going to hurt him. I just grabbed him for Nadia. Personally, I like kids and if Raven ever lets me pop one into her so we can make some bird babies, I'd be cool with that."

"Anyway, I'll get a notification when you watch this video and have Nadia lift her locator spell for just a second so you can come to the place I tell you. Come alone. Damn, I feel like one of those bad guys in those action movies." Roman mumbled and he opened his mouth to speak again, but he let out a weird noise and growled, looking down. "Hey!"

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