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Note: If it's okay to you wearing a lipstick you may now read. A Gender-neutral imagine

As a freelance model sometimes sucks, ya know. Like when you start from scratch, even with make-ups, shit. I'm not really good at putting make-up I don't even know why I'm modeling.

A manager from this industry saw me walking by and offered me this opportunity to model, I was like "are you sure?" "Is this a prank?"

But here I am, As I was doing my own make-up, doing by means struggling. I know you are telling me right now there's a make-up artist but, I just feel awkward when someone's so near my face. That's why I do my own make-up. I only let them do it if it's really need to.

Time skip

As I was almost ready a knock on my door was heard,

"Y/n 5 more minutes and we'll start. Also we forgot to tell you that you'll be having a partner and she'll share make-up room here with you" the staff said

"Okayyy, thank you" I shouted for the staff to hear

About a minute or so, after the staff left the door opened and saw the most stunning person. Ever.

"Kendall Jenner?" I turned around with shock written on my face.

She just giggled at my reaction then said something that almost caused of my world to tear apart.

"You're cute."


wat da fuck?

I'm what? Cute? Kendall fucking Jenner said that?

Woah, woah, self chill. Okay, inhale, exhale, inha-

But before I did so, I saw her waving her hand in front of me smiling. I immediately turn away from her, blushing really bad. She just giggled again.

"You're so adorable but, let's talk later because we have a shoot to finish" She said as I heard the door close.

Time skip again :)

After the long day of posing, again and again. I went straight to the dressing room to change and remove the make-up. I was so focused on removing my make-up not realizing she was already inside the room with me. Till I felt a tap, I look at her.

"Lemme help" she said as she reached for the make-up remover.

"You are taking so long" she added

"U-uh, y-yeah. Sorry about that." I just smiled sheepishly at her and tried my best not to look at her.

After a moment of silence, she spoke
"Aren't you acting cute?"

"Huh? me? cute? No, that's two things that do not exist" I said as I chuckled

"You are, and we are almost done but, before you leave I bet you'll look better if we put on some red lipstick on those lips of yours" She said while she grab a red lipstick

As she slowly put the lipstick on my lips, she was merely centimeters close to me. She was looking down my lips and putting on the lipstick carefully as if like puzzle of some sort. This time gave me a chance to look at her and see her breath taking features from her brown eyes to her freckles. She's so beautiful.

"Am I?" she said


"Oh, don't curse on me now babe" she laughed lightly

"Ha. ha. ha." I laughed awkwardly "Sorry, I thought I was just speaking to myself didn't realize I spoke that out loud

"It's okay, and we're almost done" she said as she back away for a sec and looked at me like I'm a painting. Looking for mistakes, she kept staring at me for a minute until I felt like intimated by her stare and felt my cheeks starting to heat up.

"Oh, sorry. I zoned out" she said as she shook her head and capped the lipstick on.

"It's okay and thank you for the help" I said as I walk away towards my bags.

"No problem" as she did the same.

I waited for her as I kept the door opened and when she reached the door she stopped in front of me, I didn't expected the next thing that happened. I felt a pair of lips on me and I just kissed her back immediately when I realized what happened. Until she move away reluctantly that woke me up from the daze she gave me.

"You are not just cute, but at the same time a really good kisser" she said before winking to me and left me there frozen.

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