Nishikino Maki x Male! Reader

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Today we will have another male reader one-shot.

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Be ready for it, hide the tomatoes, BECAUSE HERE COMES THE PRINCESS!!


To Fight For A Dead Love

Flashback: Five Years Ago.

Flashback's Your POV

Love Letter Ready!

If only I had known...

Location Ready!

...That it will feel this way...

I'm Ready!

Today is the day when I'm confessing to the girl I love the most! She is a princess to my eyes, like a goddess from an ancient culture. She is a genius in music and the best thing of all, she is my childhood friend. I know her since we had five years. Our parents are good friends since both are very known in the Medicine world and they have done many surgeries together in the past.

I called her to our favorite place. It is our secret spot. For reaching it you have to go to the forest and to follow a trail of dead grass, pass through some bushes and voila! You are in the most amazing place in the world to watch the Sun rise and set and to watch the Moon shining bright in sky.

Although I've been waiting in here for half an hour already and she doesn't come, but I will wait for all my life if it is for her!

An hour passed and yet she hasn't come. In my hands I have the Love Letter I wrote since all my feelings couldn't be say by only words, I wanted them to maintain the same for all the time so I wrote them.

Midnight came. The moon was shining bright tonight, as if someone was making it shine brightly.

I still stood in there, my parents sure are crazy about me staying out this late but she was worth the price.

She won't come, right? I remember correctly, asking her to be with me in here, exactly at six o'clock because I wanted to tell her something important.

Maybe she lost herself or maybe she couldn't come. That was my only hope for not breaking apart until my phone buzzed, signaling me that a message has been received.

Opening it, I read the message.

To: (Y/N)

From: Nishikino Maki.

I'm sorry

It is not that she couldn't come, she didn't want to. Why? Was I a bad friend to her? Or she didn't reciprocate my feelings? Maybe she didn't know the reason why I ask her to be here. That wasn't a possibility, during this week I gave her hints, one of them saying that her secret admirer will ask for being reunited under the dying sunlight. You don't need to be a genius to understand that I was the one behind her.

...I would have surrender long ago.

End of the Flashback.

Maki's POV

"One, two, three, four, five, six, one, two..." Practicing at the rooftop once again I remembered (Y/N)-kun. Looking at the sunset, looking at his favorite thing to see, I wonder if I was too cruel for letting him down like that.

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