Part 5

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Manik's thoughts : "When Alya used to come close to me, I used to feel so uncomfortable, inspite of knowing her for so many years. But I didn't feel like that with Nandini, though I met her only a few days back. I actually liked her being close to me. Why do things feel so different with her?"

Nandini's thoughts : "What was I up to? I don't know what he would be thinking about me. He has a girlfriend. What Alya would have thought if she would have been here? I have to be careful.....I have to stay away from him."

Nandini made sure she stayed as far away as possible from Manik after that.

Nandu continued to search for information about the places and buildings she had drawn, but couldn't find anything.

Nandu and Cabir had become good friends by now.

Fab5 were hanging out. They had a few days holidays and were planning to go for a trip.

Manik : "Sorry, I won't be able to join you guys. Mom and Dad are going to my grandparents place and they want me to join them this time."

Mukthi : "Oh..ok, let's plan some other time then."

After thinking for a while,

Manik : "Why don't you guys join me?"

Dhruv : "What will we come and do at your grandparents place?"

Manik : "I haven't been there from a very very long time. I don't even remember when I went there last. I don't know how things are there and what I will do there. Anyways you were planning for a trip, so if you come with me I will have company. We can spend time together there. My grandparents stay in a remote town, it will be a new experience for all of us."

Everyone agreed and Fab5 started making preparations to go to Manik's grandparents house for the holidays.

Cabir thought of taking Nandini also with him. He checked with Manik about it and Manik was fine with it.

Cabir : "Nandini, we are going with Manik to his grandparents house for the holidays.Why don't you join us?"

Nandini would somehow end up getting close to Manik whenever she was around him. She wanted to stay away from Manik.She didn't want to be the reason for any complications between Manik and Alya.

Nandini : "No Cabir. I won't come. I am still researching on those places, I haven't found any information yet. I want to find out about them as early as possible and get back to London."

Cabir : "We are going only for a few days. Come with us....who knows you might find something interesting on our way there."

Nandini agrees.

Fab5 along with Nandini and Manik's parents start their journey to Manik's grandparents house. Nandini was looking outside throughout the trip. When they were very close to their destination, Nandini comes across a few buildings which looked familiar to her and she starts taking pictures.

They finally reached there destination and everyone got down from the vehicle. Manik's grandparents house was like a mini palace. Nandini saw the house, a few scenes flashed in her mind and she lost consciousness.

Manik who was standing near Nandu held her from falling. He carried her inside and made her lie down on the sofa. She gained consciousness after sprinkling water on her face. They thought Nandu is not used to traveling in India, so probably she was stressed out and fell unconscious.

Everyone went to their rooms. They decided to meet for dinner after freshening up.

Everyone came for dinner except Nandini. Cabir went to Nandini's room to call her.

Nandini was seeing her sketches and the photos she clicked.

Cabir : "What are you doing here Nandini? Everyone is waiting for dinner."

Nandu : "I am not hungry. You carry on."

She gets back to what she was doing. Cabir comes closer to Nandu to see what she is so engrossed in.

Cabir : "I didn't know seeing these sketches fills your tummy."

Since there were no signs of Cabir also coming down, Manik came to call them.He stopped listening to them discussing something.

Cabir : "What is there in these sketches and places that you are so deeply engrossed? Is there something more to it that you haven't told me?"

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