Chapter 004: Phone calls and Blurry Lines

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Will and Brynn had just woken up, it felt like morning to them even though it was always dark, there was no telling what time it was. They were just silently sitting in Castle Byers, shivering from the cold.

"My house..." Will mumbled.


"My house, we can call my house," He said. They  looked at each other then got up and ran to his house, it was old and decayed, just like all of the others. They walked in and he led Brynn to the phone. It was a faded yellowish tan color. He picked it up and dialed a number, then held it to his ear.

"Mom? Mom can you hear me?!" He yelled through the phone, but there was no reply, just the static sound.

"Mom? Jonathan? Anyone?" He asked. There was a spark and he dropped the phone.

"Ow, it shocked me," He said.

"Do you think it shocked her too?"

"I don't even know if it called anyone." He said. "We were so close..."

"Don't you get all upset on me." Brynn said. "We have some experimenting to do,"

    They stayed in the house and Brynn messed with the lights some more. She could get them to flicker, but never to come on fully. They sat there for hours, watching the lights flicker and listening for things outside.

"Why don't you try the phone again?" She asked. "It couldn't hurt anything,"

"Except for my hand," Will said, standing up and going back over to the phone. Once again he dialed the same number and waited.

"Mom?!" He asked, this one more full of surprise than the last. Brynn's eyes lit up, thinking he had finally reached his mother. She watched his facial expressions carefully, there was relief, then panic, then the phone sparked again and he dropped it. Brynn sat up straighter than before.

"Did she answer?" She asked. He nodded. "Will?"

She went over and hugged him, realizing how heartbroken he must be. He was so close to reaching his mom, so close to going home, but it was all ripped away. Brynn silently hugged him, having flashbacks to the lab, the rainbow room, when she would hug the older girls after they were tested or tortured.

"We are going to get out of here, Okay?" Brynn asked. "I promise,"

"Okay," He said. They sat on the couch for a minute, pondering the phone calls, then they started again with the lights.

"I think... I think I can do it." Brynn said. "Will hold my hand and Imagine your house," Will didn't question her, he just did as he was told. He grabbed her hand and then the environment around them lit up, then the house was good as new. Will had disappeared and there was a woman sitting in the floor, crying. It was probably Will's mom, saying as she had a broken phone beside her. Brynn went to the nearest light and touched it, causing it to blink. The woman looked up at it, then Brynn moved. She started flickering one of the hallway lights, then a lamp near the end of the hallway. She ran into Wills room and touched the radio, which made it blast music, and started messing with the lamps in his room. She watched as his mom touched one of the lamps, then made it glow, it got brighter and brighter until everything went off, and Brynn came back into the world with Will.

"Did you see her?" He asked.

"Yes, I think she knows that we're trying to communicate," Brynn said, with blood coming out of her nose. Will was about to say something, when loud screeching penetrated the air, signaling the return of the monster. There was a huge bang on the front door, and Will grabbed Brynn's arm and helped her run back into his room, and then duck behind his bed. Not the best idea, but they were in full panic mode, so that's the best they had at the moment. The monster soon came into his room, and walked right up to the bed, but then was attracted to something else. It went over to a wall in Wills room and started sticking its arm through. The wall looked almost rubbery. They could hear his mom scream from the other side of the wall. The monster had been blurring the line between this world and the real world. At this point, Will and Brynn got up and ran, causing the monster to turn and chase them. They ran out of the house, happy that they saved Will's mom, but terrified at the same time, running away from the monster, that was only a few dozen feet away.

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