Silent Spies

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June 4, 2012

My eyes open softly, the room is so silent I can hear my own thoughts for once, usually the noise of my next door neighbors fighting kept me up dawn til' dusk. Thank god they got kicked out. I get out of bed, my feet feel the cool floor, I walk to my desk full of drawings and misc. papers scattered everywhere. I put them together and put them in a neat stack on the table.

I walk into the living room expecting to see my mom cooking her traditional Saturday morining eggs and dad watching the news. The room was empty. Was it possible that the alarm was off. I waked into my parents room down the hall, not a trace. I checked the bathroom, the closet, every nook & cranny in this place. The place was empty.

I figured i should ask Ms. Nelson across the hall, my parents always tell her if they were going to do something. I opened the front door and walked 3 steps to room 12b. I knocked on the door. No answer, I did it again, no reply. I put my hand on the door-knob and twist until the door squeeks open. The house is empty as well.

"Whats going on?" I ask myself.

I run down the stairs expecting to see Richard waiting in his spinny chair with a warm cup of coffee in his hand. He was gone too. I dash out the door and to my amazement i see nobody. Abandoned cars, newspapers littered the streets like they did in the movies, and there was a dead silence. 

I fell to my knees and started to let go a couple tears. Im all alone, nobody here to look after me, care for me, Im all alone.

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