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parkjimin Peaceee✌️♡ 7934 likes, 348 comments

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parkjimin Peaceee✌️
7934 likes, 348 comments

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minyoongi gayyy

kangseulgi oh damn😩 blonde hair doin u good papi

junghoseok jiminieee

rosé omgg😍😍😍 @lalisa

lalisa oooof hmu😘😜

momo 😭why are you so goddamn beautiful?!

kimnamjoon okay okay i cu 👌🏽🔥

jeongyeon cringe asfff
lmao why u look constipated in da second pic?

jeongyeon @momo r u good? get ur eyes checked hunny.

parkjimin @kangseulgi @rosé @lalisa @momo ty ladies❤️ 😉😏

kangseulgi ugh😤 just take me already

parkjimin @jeongyeon 🙄 you look like a constipated cow, please.

lalisa @jeongyeon 😱ooh shid burnnn

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