Chapter 003: Lightbulb Magic

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"And the Druid is basically an elf that has nature themed magic," Will said. He had been Explaining Dungeons and Dragons to Brynn for the past 20 minutes or so, trying to pass some time.

"Explain the Demogorgon to me again..." Brynn said.

"Okay, so the Demogorgon is a Demon Prince, It looks like a hybrid between an Octopus, Lizard and Monkey. It's super bad, you do not want one of those to get you," Will said. There was an awkward silence until Brynn broke it.

"Do you wanna go look around? We're gonna freeze to death in here if we don't find a way out,"

"Sure, why not," Will said. They got up and started walking around the town of Hawkins.

"It looks so different..." Will said.

"What do you mean?"

"Aren't you from Hawkins?" Will asked.

"I don't know where I'm from. I've been in a facility for as long as I can remember," She said, holding up her arm, which had the numbers 013 Tattooed on it.

"Is that why your names 013?"

"Yes," Brynn said.

"Do you have an actual name?" Will asked.


"Brynn... You look like a Brynn," Will said.

"Call me 013," Brynn ordered. Will was inclined to ask why, but he didn't want to seem nosey. Brynn fiddled with her Hospital gown, which is what she was given to wear at the lab. As they turned a corner, there was the same terrifying screeching sound behind them. They turned around and saw the same thing they had seen earlier, but it had the body of a dog. They both screamed and turned around to run, but there was two more in front of them.

"There!" Brynn said, pointing at an old police station. The made a bee-line for the door, with Brynn's caramel colored hair flapping up and down. They slammed the door and ran back into an office room. They both ducked under the desk, but on the way down Brynn hit an empty coffee mug off of the desk, and it shattered.

"Shhh..." Will said, Brynn nodded.

In the real world...

Hopper was sitting at his desk doing paperwork, when his coffee mug flew off of his desk and shattered on the floor, spilling coffee all over.

"What the heck?" He questioned, getting up to get paper towels to clean the coffee up.

Back in the Upside down...

Will and Brynn sat quietly underneath the desk, hoping and praying that the monsters wouldn't find them. They heard a slam in he other room, followed by another evil screech. It was so quiet that they could hear each other breathing, and even heartbeats. Will covered his mouth, in an attempt to muffle his heavy breaths. Both kids watched in horror as the Monster walked right past the door. Brynn had started to stand up, when Will forcefully pulled her back down under the desk.

"Wha-" She started, but Will clamped his hand over her mouth. She looked out, and saw that the thing had came back and was standing right in front of the door. They both sat there, quiet as a mouse, until the thing walked past the door once again. Brynn waited a moment, then stood up.

"The window is broken, lets get out of here," Brynn whispered. They quietly climbed out of the window, but as soon as they got on the street, they saw the Big monster, the one that they had seen the first time. It ran toward them on all fours, like a dog. They instantly turned and ran the other way. They ran for a minute, the monster only feet behind, when Brynn turned around. She held her hand up and the monster stopped, then fell to the ground. All of the street lamps lit up, becoming brighter and brighter. At one point they were so bright that both kids had to cover their eyes. One by one every street lamp busted, going down the street, then back up again.

"Was that... you?" Will asked.

"I think so," Brynn responded.

"Your nose is bleeding again," Will said.

"I know," Brynn responded.

"But that light thing... could you do it again?"

"Maybe if I tried. Why?"

"I have an idea." Will said. "To get us home,"

"I'm all ears,"

"We need to find a lightbulb that's still intact, then we can take it back to castle Byers and you can fiddle around with it, and see if you can make it glow again,"

"Yeah, okay," Both kids walked off and eventually found an intact lightbulb in a lamp in one of the houses. They took it back to Castle Byers and Brynn started messing with it. She held it up by the metallic part, then closed her eyes and concentrated, and the light flickered a tiny bit. For the first time since Will had appeared in this place, he had a spark of hope, that they might actually have a chance of getting home.

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