Part 4

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Fab4 also saw the sketches, but no one had any idea of those places.

Nandu : "Thanks anyway!"

She was about to leave from there disappointed.

Cabir : "Nandini, What is the connection between the tune and the sketches?"

Nandu had blurted out about the connection between the tune and places by mistake. She couldn't think of anything else to answer immediately, so she told the partial truth.

Nandu : "I got this tune from a friend who had been to India. Since I have heard this tune, I am getting recurring dreams of these places. I tried to search for these places on the internet, but to no avail."

Nandu : "Maybe it doesn't make sense, that's what my dad thought too. But I thought if I find these places and visit them, may be I can find the reason for the recurring dreams. That is the reason I came to India."

She again gets the same dream during the nights, but now the images aren't blur anymore. She can see the places/buildings more clearly. She is also able to see the boys face, it is Manik. She wakes up immediately.

Nandini's thoughts : "Can he be Manik? I must have just imagined Manik because he is the composer of the tune. I have also been trying to figure out if I have seen him earlier, may be that was the reason. He already has a girl friend, so it can't be him."

Nandini's thoughts : "Are my dreams just my imagination too like Dad said? But why do I get the same dreams over and over again? Why do I feel that song is for me? I have to atleast try to find the reason behind it."

Nandini improvised her sketches after the images started getting clearer in her dreams. She was trying all possible ways to find information about those places - internet, tourist videos, books etc.

After a few days, Fab5 was at Cabir's place again. It was time for lunch. Fab4 was seated at the table. Cabir went to Nandini's room and asked her to join them for lunch. Nandini came to the table and was moving towards the vacant seat. 

Manik was sitting at one corner of the table. His elbow hit the edge of the table by mistake and he was in deep pain. Nandini came to him immediately, held his hand and rubbed his elbow to reduce the pain. Then she saw Alya staring at her, so she left Manik's hand gently. She left the place in the pretext of getting ice to soothe his pain.

Once Manik was fine, they continued their lunch and their conversation.

Alya : "Nandini, you have been in London all your life. Do you have a boyfriend?"

Nandini : "No...not yet."

Nandu thought probably Alya asked the question because she misinterpreted Nandu's actions.

Nandini : "But...I have a close friend. May be...he will become my boyfriend too in the future."

Alya : "May be?....Do you like him?"

Nandini : "I like him as a good friend, but our families want us to get married."

Manik feels a little uneasy hearing this, but he doesn't know why.

After a few days, Fab5 was planning to hangout at Manik's place. Manik's parents were not at home, so they decided to meet at his place.

Cabir took Nandini also with him. Rest of Fab5 were yet to reach there. Nandu went to the kitchen to check if Manik needs any help. 

In the kitchen, a glass slipped from Manik's hands and fell on the ground and it broke into pieces. Manik was picking up the glass pieces and he cut his finger.

Manik : "Ouch!"

Nandu saw this, she couldn't see him hurt. She immediately came close to him and sucked the cut on his finger.

Nandu suddenly realized what she did and how close she was standing to him.

Nandu : "I am sorry."

Nandu quickly moved little away from Manik.She then held his finger under running water. Manik was just looking at her, seeing how concerned she was. He liked the way she cared for him.

Once Nandu felt that Manik was fine, she started cleaning up the glass pieces.

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