Part 47 - Something borrowed

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Jess's POV -------

Merle pulled me along with a nylon cord, he had bound my hands with it when I was passed out. My head was still hurting from where he had hit me, I looked at him, my eyes narrowing. How did he know the Governor wanted me? "My brother, he wants to be in the prison. This little trip, maybe it'll keep that place standing. If I pull it off, maybe all is forgiven..." He paused looking back at me. "That's a whole lot of maybes" I replied, scanning my surroundings, I needed to know the way back in case I had the chance to get back. To be honest, this was probably the best thing, it would save the group and keep the prison standing. "You got play the card you're dealt" I snorted at the remark, Merle just yanked the cord, which hurt my wrists "Ow!" He just chuckled.

We kept walking for what seemed hours until we got to a crummy looking motel, Merle yanked me to him and tied me around one of the pillars and left me there. For a brief moment I though he was going to leave, but here walked over to a car and began to work on it, which he got open immediately. I stood there for a while waiting for Merle to come and get me, then a shrill high pitch alarm rang through my ears, he had set the car alarm off, which began to attract walkers from the surrounding woods... Fuck.

A walker appeared from one of the rooms and started limping towards me."Oh, shit...Merle! Come on, Merle! Merle!" I shouted I couldnt run or take it out, my hands were tied. The walker was about to grab me when a bullet whizzed past my ear and into the walkers head. "Okay! Let's go!" Merle cut me loose and followed me to the car, he opened the car door for me, I just managed to get in just as a walker rammed itself into the door. Merle drove off as we continued our journey back to that prison of a place, Woodbury. In my eyes Woodbury was more of a prison that the actual prison was... I hated it, but I knew I would only escape in a few days again... That's if the Governor doesn't kill me first.

"So is this your thing, then? You take out the trash?" I questioned Merle whilst looking out of the passenger window, he chuckled. "Don't be so hard on yourself, darlin'" I just shook my head, I refused to look at him. "What are you actually doing this for? I was gonna go anyways" he glanced over to me as I did him. "For my little brother... I'm gonna do right by him for once" I snorted once again and looked back out of the window. "And this is the right thing to do? Kidnapping someone?" I paused, Merle didn't reply. "Things are different for your brother..." I continued. "Yeah, they are... Rick says jump and he wants to know how high" I shook my head at Merle, 'No... Rick needs him, he respects him." Merle looked at me his eyes had a slight sadness to them. I leant forward "The truth is this could have been your shot. With your skills, a whole new beginning... But you still choose to play messenger and do everyone's dirty work... Doesn't matter... He's got a new family now anyways" I replied in a cold and conniving tone. Merle sniggered "You keep trying to get under my skin, I'm gonna cut that tongue out" I sat back in my seat and huffed. "Your little boyfriend's turning you over cause he's trying to save his own ass.." He paused, I looked at him, my eyes narrowed. "To be honest we aren't so different, you and I "Rick didn't want to hand me over, and we are nothing alike" Merle chuckled "Of course he's gonna say that, he wouldn't have been able to get you out here otherwise" My heart broke when he said that, did Rick really want me gone? I thought he said he loved me? A tear began to roll down my cheek, I blinked it away and continued to look out of the window. I was going to hand myself over but now that I've heard that, I want to go back to the prison... I won't be his play thing he can just pick up and drop at his convenience. "It doesn't matter, once the Governor's done with me, at least I won't have to live with myself" I began in a more confident tone, acting like I didn't care about what he had just told me. "You said you killed 16 men since this thing started... You ever kill anyone before?" I asked, but he just shook his head. "And how about before Woodbury? Before you met him?" I continued, he shook his head for the second time. "So he saves your life, cleans you up, fed you a line of bullshit and go and kill other people for him?" I snorted and my own comment and shook my head "This is ridiculous...You know, we can go back... There's a place for you, back at the prison" he shook his head for the third and final time "Ain't happening" he replied. I turned around in my seat and faced him. "Both of us...We can just go ba-" he cut me off mid sentence. "I can't go back... Don't you understand that? I can't. I'm not wanted there" He slammed the brakes on and slowed the car to a halt, he moved his knife hand towards me and cut the cord from my hands, I began to rub then in order to get rid of the red marks on my wrists. "You go back with them... Just get ready for what's next.... And tell Michonne to watch out... The Governor will want back what she took from him" he leant forward to open the passenger side door, and stayed there "I've got something I got to do on my own... I'm sorry... Tell Daryl I'm sorry" he moved over and kissed my cheek, I saw this as my cue to leave. I slowly climbed out of the car, before I could even slam the door shut, Merle drove off in the direction of Woodbury... What was he going to do? And what did Michonne take away from the Governor?

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