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last encounter
[group containing sephy, sienna and flora]

last used: [19 months ago]
last interaction: [fiona has left last encounter]

you're friends with fiona again, persephone?
after everything?

really, sienna?
you're going to bring back this group chat to pettily get annoyed with me for rekindling our friendship

and what about our friendship seph?
you know, the one you left completely in the dust after the band split?
i love you, i really do, but after always being in the background me and sienna had to struggle for people to give a shit while the seph and fiona show went on even post break up
and you didn't even give a shit

you were never in the background!!!
the pair of you are phenomenal and everyone seemed to see it but you
i'm sorry if i didn't pay enough attention to you both after we broke up
i adore you
i was just in a shitty place after being betrayed by my closest friend

we'd always have been there to help you through it though, seph
you just never reached out to us

we just dissipated into nothing after the end of last encounter
watching you and fiona do so well
i'm so proud of you, sephy, i am
but we miss you insane amounts
and you just never seemed to care

i wasn't going to reach out when you told me to "get over it"
you won't remember it, sienna, but you did.
that night i premiered my first solo single? you got absolutely smashed. you told me you resented everything i was and everything you knew i would become because you wanted to be in the spotlight.
for once i wanted you to support me like i'd supported the launch of your book, of your makeup range
and instead i got made to feel like i didn't deserve that

of course you deserve that
but we've wanted to feel special too
like we deserve success
and we've never had that because it's always been you and fiona everyone cared about
and know you've reached out for friendship with her again after everything but not us?

i'm sorry because you deserve all of the success in the world and more persephone.
i love you and you still mean the world to me, but after all she put you — us — through you're suddenly okay with fiona again?
i don't understand

look i'm not asking you to understand
i'm just asking you to respect that maybe now that things are going okay in my life and i'm happier, settling the score is a good idea!
i'd intended to invite you to the secret show im supporting harry styles for because ur next on my list of people to rekindle friendship with.
but if you don't want that then so be it
i've got a date with joe now anyway
maybe i'll speak to you girls later
i still adore you, anyway. bye girlies xxx

bye sephy x
good luck, i'm so happy you and joe are FINALLY together
u deserve it xx

i love you and i get it
speak to you soon angel, have a good night xx

bless lmao what was this ahahaha

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