Part 3

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Two days later

It is almost noon. Nandu is still sleeping, she is yet to get adjusted to Indian timings. She gets the same dream again - boy singing the song with the same tune. She wakes up, but she is still hearing the same tune.

Nandu checks to confirm that the music is not from her phone. She could just hear the tune being played on a guitar. There was no lyrics with it or any extra background music, so it wasn't the album being played.

She gets up and starts running in the direction she was hearing the tune from, still holding the phone. But the tune stops suddenly.

She hears a few people talking and goes towards that room, she sees Cabir there. Cabir sees Nandu panting at the door and comes towards her.

Cabir : "What happened Nandini? Do you need something?"

Nandu : "That tune....did you hear any tune just a few minutes back?"

Cabir : "Which tune?"

Nandu was thinking how to tell about it, then she remembers her phone. She plays the tune on her phone.

Cabir : "You wanted to meet the composer of this tune?"

Nandu nods her head in a yes.

Cabir : "I didn't know this tune has become popular in London too."

Cabir : "Come inside, I will introduce you to my friends."

Nandu goes into the room with Cabir.

Fab5 were hanging out in that room.

Cabir : "Nandu, you have come to the right place."

Cabir : "Meet Manik, he is the one who was playing that tune. He is the composer of it too."

Cabir : "She is Nandini."

Manik and Nandini shake hands.Nandini gets the feeling that she knows Manik from a very long time. Nandini is lost in her own thoughts and is still looking at Manik holding his hand. Cabir notices it.

Cabir : "Don't stare at him like that. His girlfriend is right here."

Nandini looks at Cabir hearing the word girlfriend and immediately leaves Manik's hand.

Manik felt something different, something special when Nandini was holding his hand. He didn't like it when she let go of his hand. But why he felt like that for someone he just met, he didn't know.

Cabir introduces Alya, Dhruv and Mukti too.

Nandini : "I am sorry Manik and Alya. Please don't get me wrong."

Nandini(looking at Cabir) : "I felt there is some connection between that tune and the sketches I was telling you about the other day. I was lost thinking about it."

Nandini(looking at Manik) : "May I know what inspired you to compose the tune?"

Manik : "Inspiration? I don't know, it just came to me when I was trying to find a new tune. It is my favorite though."

Nandini : "Oh..ok. I will be back in a few minutes."


Alya had proposed Manik around 8 months back. Manik had accepted the proposal since she was his friend and he didn't want to hurt her by rejecting her. Also Manik didn't want him to be the reason for any drift in Fab5.

They used to spend time together as Fab5. But whenever Alya used to come closer to Manik as his girlfriend, he would feel uncomfortable. Something was stopping him from going closer to her.

He would distance himself from her giving some reason or the other initially. Later, he told her that he needs sometime since he was not ready yet. For now Alya was his girlfriend for namesake, but no one else knew about it.

One day, Manik was strumming his guitar and trying to figure out what was stopping him, why he used to feel uncomfortable when Alya used to come close to him. That's when he had come up with the tune. But he couldn't tell others about it.

Flashback ends

Nandini leaves from there and goes to her room. Cabir tells Fab4 about Nandini and the reason she had come to India. Nandini tries to remember if she has seen Manik earlier, but to no avail.

Nandu comes back with the sketches and shows it to Manik.

Nandu : "Have you seen any of these places earlier?"

Manik : "No, I don't remember seeing them."

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