2 truths 1 lie

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Note: This is a GxG Imagine.
Kendall's POV

At the moment we are playing beerpong and I've been playing this game for years and I am really good at this shit. At the same I'm with my fave girls.

It's ma' birthdayyyyy so y'all turn up, but I prefer something chill on my day so I just preferred having special bond with my girls.

As the night progress, Hailey did not told me that she is going to invite a person that I would fell in love from the moment I laid my eyes on. That's why maybe she kept her focus on her phone till the door bell rang.

"I'll get it!" She said as she quickly got up from where she sat at and run to the front door, but everyone did not pay attention that much.

So we continued playing the game till she came back with someone behind her that made everyone looked at her as she says "look who is here?" then followed by a sly smile.

I was still confused at this moment on what or who in the world is that person behind her that made everyone look but as soon as those thoughts pop into my mind as soon as it just exploded when she step to the side so everyone can see her killer smile shining at us --- piercing through my delicate heart.

As she strides toward us it feels like time got fucked up itself and things got slow-mo suddenly. Like everything about her is effortless; her walk and mostly the way she smile.

I know, I know, it's chessy at its sound but its true. Then that's when I got out of my little world when I felt someone pulled me into a hug and realizes it was her. As she pulls away I was still starstrucked myself.

The night goes on and on leaving some of us drunk as fuck. So, me the drunk person and her the not-so-drunk one I went to her and said, "Let's play aaaaaa..."

"aaa-what?" She replied confused at my words

Isn't she cute? Heh. I already want to marry her.

*hiccup* "a---game?" I said as I try to hold onto her because I can feel meself going down.

"Oh, sure. What kind of game?" She asked curiously

"You know the g-*hiccup*game called 2 *hiccup* truths 1 lie *hiccup*" I said as I smile from ear to ear at her direction

"So who goes first?" She replied

"Why don't *hiccup* y-you g-*hiccup*oo first then?" As I try to walk towards the balcony without me tripping but failed, thanks to God that she is there to help me walk my ass up.

"Oh, okay" she said as she continues "First, I have broke my arm; second, I have never stolen a car..." as she trailed away for some moment to help me balance myself at the railings of the balcony "and lastly, I don't know how to pick a lock, So... what's the lie?" as she finished giving me a warm smile.

I tried to think then answered "the first one" but she just gave me a wrong buzzer sound and told me the third one is the lie one, that she actually know how to pick a lock.

Well that was impressive, I say. So, its my turn. I thought. She then looked at me waiting to speak, so I started "I am stubborn, I love photography and lastly..." I trailed off and that's when I found myself looking at her directly as I realize she was doing the same thing. I continued "lastly, I don't want to kiss you so, what's the lie?"

She just stared at me, I don't know if I said the wrong words or should I just went for it but that's when I felt someone cupped my face and a warm pair of lips touched my lips that sooner turned in a passionate kiss into a heated makeout within seconds and when we're both out of breathe that's where she said, "that's the lie".


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